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Starrla Knight

Roleplay? This Kiwi makes your fantasy a reality.

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I'm Starrla, aka Mrs. Knight. I'm young enough to turn every man's head... yet old enough to know exactly what I want and how to get it. I am from the beautiful country of New Zealand and moved to America a handful of years ago.

I am miserably married to Mr. Knight who is lackluster in absolutely everything. He was my Green Card ticket to America and hasn't done anything useful since then.

So I am here, satisfying all of my sexual and financial needs. I like men who know exactly what they want and aren't afraid to express all of their desires. I need someone to take care of me in all the ways my husband fails.

I'm am truly 100% authentic which is exactly why I never show my full face. I have a husband who would not be pleased with what I do when he isn't around. We don't want him catching on and spoiling my fun, do we?

I hope you understand. I cannot compromise my living situation just so you can see how beautiful my blue eyes are. That is, unless you are willing to pay for my lifestyle.

I'm "into" nearly anything but cuckolding is one of my very favourite fantasies. It's a huge turn on to have someone watching as I get fucked by a real man. It may have something to do with being married to such a pathetic loser.

I also specialize in sucking the accounts dry of all the little pay pigs out there. I need the money more than you do and you'll happily give it to me just because I asked.

My roleplay skills are beyond your wildest dreams. You will absolutely feel like I'm right there with you, making all your fantasies come true.

I'm not afraid of any of your kinks. Chances are that I've heard them all before. You are not alone and I'm happy to help you.

My limits are few, but they do exist. I'm not a common whore so I ask that you approach me with the respect I deserve.

Reciting "What Do Women Want" by Kim Addonizio

My schedule is not one that is set in stone. However, I am typically available every day from approximately 3:00 pm - Midnight EST. Times may vary ever so slightly depending on how frisky I'm feeling that day. I'm more than happy to schedule a call with you as well. Just flick me a message and we'll work something out.

When I firstjoined NF, my listings were rejected because of this tasteful photo of my bum.

Fishnets are so sexy on my pretty toes.

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