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Bratty Tease

Medically Certified & medicated Oral fixation

Cum help me with my calming addiction. I love the sensation of having a cock in my mouth. I love going down on my man. I love the excitement on his face and in his eyes the moment I start crawling backward to situate myself between his legs. I love the way he feels like he’s floating when my hands stroke every contour of his shaft as if I’m worshiping it. I love hearing that first almost silent “Ahh!” the moment the tip of my tongue swirls around the smooth and rounded tip of his cock. I love the sound of his deep sigh the first time my lips slide down his shaft. I love the way his body tightens and wriggles when my mouth takes him in like a sliding suction cup. I love the way he sounds surprised when I take as much of his cock in my mouth as I can. I love to hear his moans and groans and the way his body feels like it’s going to blow up right before he climaxes and it’s my cue to suck and pull and squeeze my mouth around his cock harder and faster until he blasts away. I know, there are a lot of “I loves” in describing what I enjoy about giving my man head. With him, performing oral sex is like interactive performance art of the highest order. It’s not just about my technique or my enthusiasm; it’s about the feedback that bounces off of each of us and amplifies and intensifies every action more than the last. His audible and physical cues give me the direction I need to give him what he wants to feel and what I need to do or do more of to bring him to the next level. If he didn’t participate in receiving the way he does, I’d never have the kind of enjoyment in and enthusiasm for blowing him the way I do. Lips covering the teeth. Active, slow and sensual tongue moves. A hand that glides and rotates around shaft. Holding the base of the shaft. Cupping the balls. Pressing on perineum. Moaning while swallowing. A tough gag reflex while deep throating. A swirling tongue across the head. Tight suction. Bobbing head up and down. Humming and moaning, especially for the vibration. Resting my hands on your thighs. Gently massaging, licking and/or sucking your balls. Sticking a finger or dildo up you ass (if you're that kinky). If you're squirming and trying to hump my face, I do more of whatever I'm doing, until I get to the creamy center. Gazing up into a man’s eyes as I'm giving him head. Slow mouth action up and down with one hand stroking the shaft gently and the other playing with the balls and ass. I'm prepared for the money shot. I'm ready to swallow, let you cum on me, or let you blast your cum in the air. Completion (In other words, I don’t quit or peter out before you have a chance to come.)