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Miss Cookie

lick me until I get all sticky

So i had this boyfriend he was a great man , took me places and bought me things. I was happy he was happy , then he started to ask silly questions , like what if you had a black guy cream pie you and then i cleaned it up....I was like you are so silly you wont do that , let a long let ME do that....well i took him up on his offer months later....he asked his friend to come over and i was going to make dinner and we had some wine. He told me i was a great cook and that he knew i was going to be good in bed. I laughed and said " yes , you are correct i am a perfect lay" he just looked at me , with a smerk. So after some more wine and great conversation I had excused myself, now this guy was very attractive tall dark and handsome , smelled great and a great body. After about 30 mins the guys are getting really worried i passed out so they both came into the bedroom , I was wearing a hot pink pair of thongs and a white laced bra. My hair was pulled back into a bun because if i was going to suck cock i dont want my hair to be in the way. I laid down on the bed and told my man to kneel next to me on the floor. This beautiful creature took his clothes off and we started making out deeply. Feeling his full lips interlocking with mine. Then he started kissing my neck and started rubbing my body. I glanced at my man and just giggled/ The next thing I know this black man was licking up the wet juices that was flowing out of me. I mean i was so wet and sticky that he had it all over his face and it was dripping off his chin. I was just shaking and moaning. Then my boyfriend asked why i didnt do that for him, and i said it was because your not black. Then he started to spread my pussy lips apart and he was like , i didnt even do anything and your creaming already....i laughed he took his 9" uncut black hairy cock and slid it inside of me , i started moaning it hurt like hell and he said "your a virgin?" i said no just my man has a small dick. We all started laughing at him. He started pounding my pussy and my boyfriend asked if he could suck my clit as this big black man fucked me good. So i allowed him to and they made me gush and then i started creaming all over this black rod pumping in and out of me with long strokes, this man said i am going to nut and let out a grunt , then my boyfriend told me to sit on his face when this man pulled out of me, so i did what he told me to do and i felt the cum sliding down from inside of my womb, my man says omg there is so much and as he was eating my cream pie i was cleaning off the black cock of my cum and his mixed together. it was an amazing night , we had many more after that....