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Sui Basilis

☾Succumb to Bliss☽ ~ Submit your Mind ☥ Hypnosis

Power lies in knowing how much you desire Me.

Supremacy is Mine, as I turn your desire to My benefit.

Basilis, is Ancient Greek, meaning Empress.

My ability and right to reign Supreme goes far back.

Borne of Elite bloodlines of East Asia & North Africa,
educated in tapping into the human mind & their behaviour,
blessed with beguiling appearance, an effortlessly sultry voice...

You can't help yourself, can you.
The more you look, the more you read,
the more you Hear of Me... Pulling you closer...

It won't do you good to deny, you know.
I know that which stirs deep within you,
What you catch yourself wishing for...

You want to know. I already know.
All you need to do is... Succumb.

☥ Female Supremacy ☥ Psychological Domination ☥ Hypnosis ☥
☥ Cognitive & Behavioural Modification ☥