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Feminine rage, wit, power, greed. Get mindfucked.

A Real-Life Pro and Lifestyle Domina in NYC. Reprogrammer. Financial Ruiner. Object of Indulgence. Psyche Adjuster. Disciplinarian. Occultist. Ego Deconstructor. Gender Editor. Absurdist. Manipulatrix. Adoration Collector. Verified

I have a zero tolerance policy for time-wasters, wankers, and piglets who can't follow directions.

My time is every bit as valuable as I am. Those too stupid to grasp the concept are exceptionally useless to Me.

You know exactly why you clicked on this link. Because you know and understand that the female is the superior gender and the privilege you experience as a male in this world is BULL.SHIT. I have a hankering to cut you down to size where you belong, destroying any and all illusions you might be foolish enough to possess about your "status" as a man. It's illusory. It's a lie propagated by other weak tiny men like you. But not to worry. Your attitude adjustment is on the way. Because in the words of Gloria Steinem, "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." Your humiliation is long overdue.

Because it's My world. I just permit you to barely exist on the fringes of it.

... And if I so much as suspect that I hear you jerking that pathetic little pud of yours without permission (and I WILL KNOW), there are going to be serious consequences involved that you won't actually get off on. Your release is only permissible on the occasion that I decide to use the prospect of it to further control, exploit, and manipulate you. When you enter My world, your addiction starts and I know very well how to train you into using it for My benefit.

I often take a unique quasi-Jungian approach to domination. I utilize My mastery of human psychology, mythology, psychodrama, ritual, art, anatomy, movement, and the occult to seductively drain you dry just as you've always dreamed.

I am a student of occult practices including hoodoo and Chaos magick, who has no compunction about utilizing My knowledge, skills, and insight to twist, turn, and control you into complacency in any way that pleases Me. The deep and lasting effect of these practices upon the willing submissive is more profound and life-altering than you can imagine. And those are just a few of the tools in My bag of tricks. I have a taste for luxury and life is tasting very very good.

Interests: Being spoiled, being indulged, being adored, being given everything, being worshipped. Luxury, beauty, and being entertained are what make My life worth living. Humiliation (often in the most absurd ways I can devise in order to amuse Myself), feminization (especially forced; ask Me about My charm school for "special" sissies), cuckolding, boots, shoes, stockings and garter belts, trampling, CBT, smothering, tease and denial, chastity, domestic servitude, My special brand of "life coaching", sacrificing your ego on the altar of My pleasure, doggy training, bondage, predicament bondage, marking, branding, hypnosis, impact play, sensory play, ritual worship, behavior modification, occult mindfucking, forced fitness boot camp training sessions and dietary modification, role play and much much more.