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Nurturing Cuckoldress Soothing guidance for sissys

Hiiiii Horney Hopefuls... lol
Handsome small dicked sissys

Hellooooo ... M. is so wet and needs a good lil bitch man to help me.
Come talk to me boo boo.

I have a very dirty mind and wonderfully warm delivery. So Sweet, So Sexy, So Sinful!

I adore obedient men!! (kiss kiss kiss) I adore controlling cock! M. likes to know her lil dicklet gets good and hard when ever she is present. I want it HARD, THROBBING, LEAKING for me!!! My handsome lil thing does not get to cum, he doesn't get to fuck, he gets to help ME!

Let's talk about all the ways you can be good to me:

1. Help your M. get ready for her date with her BIG DICK*
- Bathe me
- Lay out my clothes
- Rub me in lotion and perfume
- Watch M. put on my makeup
- Suck M. Big Clit so she is all ready to get fucked...

2. Worship M. the way M. deserves and enjoys
- Come nestle in M. breasts listen to me breathe. Listen to my heart beat. M. loves you and wants to hold you cause you're a good sis bitch!!! Worship M. delicious responsive nipples for hours. Make ME moan... Make Me wet! Make ME happy...
- Second quickest way to please M. is through her feet (kiss kiss kiss sis) #Rubem

3. Dress up
- M. LOVES having her honey wear her panties!!! Girl time is a must!!
- M. Will do your makeup, hair & make sure your stockings are on just right (big kiss pretty thing!)

4. Chastity
- Are you a bad lil thing? Do you touch your peepee all day? SO BAD!!! When my lil dicklet doesn't get hard for M. M. has to lock him up...

5. Milking, Sissy ass training, Strap-on fuckin with M.
- Can you see the progression??? M is going to fuck your stupid lil sissy ass! Make you my lil sub bitch in the most loving caring way possible. (kiss kiss) Your lil sad cock all locked up... your balls begging for a release? You'll learn to cum from getting fucked in the ass.

6. Pamper Me
- M. I sooo good to you! So patient wit your lil cock. So willing to help you learn your place. Pamper M.

Ha- Call Me.