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Philosophical Hedonist and Sensualist Instructor

What a simple word. Pleasure is a thing we all experience, be it a cool breeze on a blistering day, the touch of a lover in the dark, or the smack and bite of leather against tender flesh.
Pleasure is a thing we experience, a thing many of us seek, but what do you know of pleasure? Perhaps you think you've gone deep, that you have explored countless iterations of desire, writhing in mindlessness, tranced beyond thought - given over to the unbridled sensation that wipes away the self. Yet what is pleasure beyond the self? For it is only the self from which pleasure originates.

Such abandon is not an exploration of pleasure, of desire, but is mere indulgence. Indulgence is a simple thing; enjoyable, certainly, even interesting in its way. Yet to mine the depths of pleasure is a thing for which one must seek and strive. A think which requires that one be guided and controlled. Surrender to my guidance. Bind yourself over to my will. Obey my words, and I will show you the depths that exploration can reach. Liminal realms where the boundaries between pain and pleasure, between overload and denial, blur and take on deeper meanings. I can take you to a place where every sensation becomes a study in excess, a treatise to exquisite experience.

I will show you all of this and more, but only if you have the courage to stare unflinchingly into the mirror of the self which I will hold before you.