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Goddess Maxine: Humiliation & Sissification

Goddess Maxine: Humiliation & Sissification 



you're welcome, scum of earth! Its Goddess Maxine. Give Me a call so I can tell you just how much of a fucking perverted little loser you are and demand money while doing so. you're beneath Me, so therefore your money belongs to Me and paying Me is the only way you can make it up to Me for having to deal with you. Just speaking with a pay pig creep like yourself is gross, but so amusing at the same time. Let Me hear your sissy voice and have a good laugh at you. I bet you have panties and a bra on underneath your suit and tie at work. It's time to take off your shell, put on your wig and some lipstick like the good cock sucking whore you are. Find something amusing to shove up your man-gina so I can laugh at you. And once you are allowed to finish-if I allow it...I'll make you eat your nasty man juice. You are fucking pathetic. You are not a real man, and that poor excuse for a cock between your legs is a perfect example. Utterly useless and is better off either in locked up in chastity. Submit and give Me a call, obey you filthy shit.. 



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