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Hold my hand & let's journey to unconditional love

Hello, it's nice to meet you and I want to thank you for visiting me. Please grab a seat, get in bed, or do whatever makes you feel comfortable. I just ask that you lend me your honest heart and I will wholeheartedly lend you mine. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHO AM I? : Let me introduce myself, my real name is Grethel. I'm 30 years old living in Florida and have seen many ups and downs in my lifetime (which I will gladly share) and I have yet to experience all that life has planned for me, but I keep on walking down a path of love and compassion and feel at ease knowing that love will see me me through as it will see you through the toughest of times. I have a nurturing and compassionate heart and a spirit that remains optimistic. I am overflowing with love, patience and understanding and I naturally want to share that with you. In this lifetime you will come across many people that will make a difference in your life, I hope to make a positive difference in your life even if it's small. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I GIVE TO YOU : I am here not offering you my body but instead offering you something priceless. I give to you my unconditional love, a heart that listens and an uplifting spirit. A heart that has compassion, patience and is full of love. That is what I truly want to offer to you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOU ARE WORTHY AND LOVABLE : What's most important to me is to make you feel loved and important because the truth is that you are worthy of love and all good things in this life. Remember that once you start loving yourself (flaws and all) that is when you can truly love and be loved by a special someone in your life. We always belittle and tend to judge ourselves harshly and that's a given since it's exactly what society has taught us to do to ourselves and to other people, so we grow up unsure of ourselves and this affects every aspect of our life. It affects our relationships and it doesn't allow us to bond with ourselves so that then we may bond with others. Let me help you strip away that mindset society drills into our minds and help you see yourself for who you really are. A valuable being worthy of love. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIFE: Life is sometimes too overwhelming and through trivial every day problems you or the people around create, it's easy to loose our sense of self worth, we loose focus of what really matters in this life which is love. I am in no way perfect, I am traveling in the same direction as you. I myself had major surgery this year and at one point thought I wouldn't make and thought how unfair it was that my life might be cut short. I prayed hard to make it through, but through it all I realized that one must accept what life hands to us and most importantly to cherish the little time we have with our loved ones. Pure love will always help us through the storm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ YOU ARE NOT ALONE, LET'S TAKE THIS JOURNEY TOGETHER: It will make me very happy to help you find love in yourself and help you reach a state of peace and happiness in your life. There is something so beautiful in bonding with a stranger. It's no doubt a healing, pure and fulfilling experience. I hope to bond with you soon, bye bye.