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Young British Alpha to Drain & Control You

I'm an intelligent british alpha, you only need to take one look at me to realise I'm not your average master. I intrigue you, I compel you, I control you. I enjoy what I do and I do it so naturally, there's nothing I like more than using a submissive little cash slave as and when I please.

Perhaps your already a well trained slave that knows a truly superior being when they see one. Perhaps your a slave who needs a truly deserving master to guide them into full submission, either way once you serve me you will realise why I am a cut above the rest.

I know what you need, you need purpose and that purpose is right here, serving me and bettering my life further and further. You feel good in knowing that me, a truly superior man is enjoying everything he deserves.

I enjoy the control whilst you enjoy being controlled and manipulated into doing as your told, you have the privilege of serving me whilst I alleviate you of your stress in day to day life as you focus on me, you live for me, you work for me, you breathe for me. Things become a lot easier this way, it's the life you were born to live, just as much as I was born into this world, so were you, the difference between me and you being that I'm a natural born alpha god and your a lowlife inferior loser who was born to serve the best there is, ME.

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