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pimpstress aleesha

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I enjoy taking money from pathetic losers, I'm one of the highest causes of Bankruptcy in America. I have the rep of inflicting massive credit card debt and dear John letters. That's right slave I don't take NO for an answer. The more you give the more I want. And I have no mercy. I am not exaggerating when I say I'll clean you out. I have no fucking conscious especially for losers who don't deserve the right to keep their money.

Fu*k your wife/girlfriend because there's only room for one Financial Dominatrix. I don't care about her or her feelings. I will be the cause of your divorce so tell the bitch to get the FU*K out the way! And ohh by the way, those diamonds you bought her for Christmas...I'll be taking those along with the Mercedes and the 5 bedroom house. Tell her that you got a demotion at the work. That should explain why you can't spend a penny on her anymore.

That divorce settlement she think she's getting...tell her to kiss it BYE-BYE. You can also kiss your 41K, savings, stocks and bonds, and little Jimmy's college funds BYE-BYE. HAHAHAHA, its on it's way to my account, BITCHES!

Are you getting scared think about how Cindy is going to destroy your life? Or, is your tinny "wee-wee" growing larger at the very thought of losing all your hard earned dough to a Black Dominatrix Bitch? No, No, No...I don't give you the permission to touch that little crayon sized prick. You will ask for permission to touch that little embarrassment. I DO NOT talk to cheap broke losers. If you're not prepared to pay me DON'T CALL BITCH! For those of you who have the balls to call please be prepared to LOSE everything. After all thats what losers are made for.