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Do You Really Know What Sexy Is???

I am the type of woman to make all heads turn. I know you want to be the type of man to dominate me but that will never happen. I am going to make you feel like you have found someone that makes you feel like you need to worship her. I want you to feel like you have found a goddess that is the goddess of all goddesses. There is no other bitch like me, I am the sexiest of the sexiest. As soon as you meet me you knew I was not like any other woman on this planet. That is why you are here in my arms right now, right? You knew that you had to have me and that you had to give me every fucking credit card you had and a Lamborghini car in my favorite color which was hot glossy pink. I feel like I am worshiped by you and I love every fucking minute of it. I will not even lie and say that it annoys me, because if I say that then that will be a freaking lie. I love when men and woman pay me all types of attention yes I love the attention of both sex's I do not discriminate because I am bisexual and I am proud of it. I will tell someone in one second that I am bisexual and I am not going to sugar coat anything. If that person can not deal with the fact that I go both ways then I can not deal with that person as far as a friend, lover or husband or wife. I do not judge anyone because what gives me the right to judge anyone, I am not God and do not pretend to be so the hell with it. I will live my life and do the best that I can and treat people how I want to be treated. If someone doesn't agree that is fine and dandy. So in other words, I love dominating men during sex and making them suck my toes, kiss my shoes, lick the back of my knees, kiss my ass, suck my nipples through my bra, take my panties off with their teeth, suck on fingers while I play with their hair. I love to do things that other people would never think of. I think of sex as an art. Sex is not meant to be boring it is an art it is meant to be fun and daring. People do the same damn thing over and over and fucking wonder why they are so depressed and wonder why they hate the idea of having sex. The reason why is because you haven't tried the few of the 1,000 sex positions that there are. Of course some people can't do some of them due to their weight, handicap, and tons of other reasons and mainly height differences between the sex partners is a main reason I have found out to be a main reason for me that gave me a problem. But regardless being a femdom is fun to me it gives me a reason to dominate you and give you the experience that you never had especially if you never been dominated before. I have found that most people when I take it slow in the beginning and explain what I am doing they like it and they ask for more. And when I do it hardcore in the beginning for beginners they get overwhelmed and they hangup and me and they get frustrated. So, don't worry I will take good care of you and ask you what turns you on and I will get all my sexy toys out for you and I will ask you what parts of your body you like licked or what parts tickle you the most. I also will ask if you have done this before and if you did what did the dominatrix or dominate male do to you before and if you liked it or not. So, relax I am an experienced dominatrix but I am a sensual dominatrix not a hardcore dominatrix so if you are looking for hardcore I am not the one for you. I am very sensual and love to use honey, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and sliced fruit such as strawberries, oranges, cherries, plums, cantaloupe, watermelon and lots of other food items. I love to turn the brain on as well when we are having sex. The brain is the biggest sex organ as well. A lot of people do not realize this, that the brain is part of the orgasmic experience. You can not cumm without getting excited and aroused through the brain. I will make you brain want to always think of me when you get excited and want to fuck or masturbate and think of me or my touch baby. Even when I am not around and you are looking at a porno or masturbating you will automatically squirt because your brain will automatically think of the pleasure you experienced when you were with me. I know how to please and you will find that out as soon as you call me baby. I'm waiting baby, let's party. My legs are quivering thinking of that thick cock that you will be playing with as you listen to my sexy voice.