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How Far Down The Rabbit Hole do You Want to Go?

From the primordial ooze of man we have had certain yearnings which do not evolve with societal change. Boorish by nature we like our food, our booze, and impaling anything with a heartbeat upon our penis. It is the way of men REAL MEN!

Gaia (Pagan Goddess Earth) however is a wicked Mistress and loves the deviant freaks she inflicts upon better men. Homosexuality is the oldest form of degradation to our collective body politic. Still it has proven a necessary evil for even the hardest of hard men through time. Men like me reconcile our actions by the world's 2nd oldest excuse "If I'm not catching a dick in either hole then I'm not the Faggot!" I can and have lived with that, but there is always a certain self loathing which follows.

The Therapy of Domination and Degradation has not only healed me of that with each new torment inflicted on another I grow stronger. Your screams are inhaled on the sweet stench of despair, as we creep across your scalp with flea sized legs seeking things that make you itch.

Oh and once we do I will layer mockery, temptation, and failure into a crepe roll with pain humiliation, and worst of all endorphin contemplation. Once the pain is gone the bodies euphoria must be squelched by echoes of what you really are... Unworthy of even Merciful Gaia's nurturing Freak!

Abominations deserve no such observance of natural rights, and will have none of that for as long as I choose to live inside your head.

Take our relationship to the next level buy a refined access to collective synergy.

This is an unholy trinity of devilish doctrine. Pick a Pic and Click

1. Soul Pact (Highest Pact) CUMS with Document, a Sermen MP3, and MEGA HIT story MP3 "MindFuck Miracle"

2. Blackmail Contract: Comes with Document, an Accomplace Promise MP3, and My Big Hit MP3 "Blackmail Michael"

3. Slave Compact (Lowest Pact) Comes with Document, an explanation MP3, and Hit MP3 story "Manhood Jinx"

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