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Sinfully Seren

NEW: Seren On Cam. Sadistic. Sexy. Smart. Sensual.

I'm Serendipity (yes really, shut up) but you may call me Seren.

I'm new to Niteflirt. All pictures of me are real, are mine, and are legal. Safe, sane, consensual, etc.

I am:

- Probably 30 IQ points higher than you are. Maybe more. Once you accept that I am generally the smartest Domme in the room, you will accept that most domination is cerebral in nature.

- A sadist. I like hurting and humiliating you. Whether that's your dick size, your male ego, your body, your brain, or your wallet, I'm down. Looking right down on you from my 5'4" size 0 30D frame, with my heel touching your ....

- A redhead. I spend a lot of time and money playing with my hair, my wardrobe, my perfumes, my temper and my Louboutins. I'd rather have four sugar daddies who pay for everything than 35 morons who want me to fuck them and call me sweetie. Never, ever call me "sweetie".

- Things I'm into: polyandry, feminization, drag, art, cuckolding, pain (yours), good shoes, European and Russian monarchal history, The Art of War, games of risk, edging, financial domination (duh), narcissism (mine), cetacean science, penis and other humiliation, fantasy play within Niteflirt TOS, and making you fall in love with me. (And you will.)

- Things I'm not into: excuses, failure to keep appointments without prior notice, flighty fake whales who don't understand polysyllables, and good ol' boys who don't know how to serve a real life Mistress. I'm also not into artificial ritual. My name is not Mistress, it's Seren. If I capitalize my pronouns you're probably in a lot of trouble and you will need a large credit limit to get out.

-Experience: I am in my 30s and have been doing real-time domination for a long time. I find that very few men can flip me, although I can be switchy on a rare occasion. I have done submission, so I understand how it works. I'm not a natural submissive - I topped from the bottom so hard l flipped my first "Master".

- Why you should call me: Because nobody can get into your brain or your dick like I can. I'm not your average Flirt or your average girl. Before we talk I would like to know what you're into or what you are curious about, and whether you have a brain cell in that head of yours. Please feel free to shoot me an email, as I prefer to take calls by appointment - it's an unusual day when I'm just sitting around by the phone.

More pics, videos, and goodies will be coming soon. Grab your cock (or don't, without permission) and your Black Card and get ready for the mindfuck of your life.