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Dr Paris

Dr Paris BBC,Cuckolding,Forced Bi Expert*NEW Clips

Dr Paris
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*Cuckolding*Big Black Cock*Forced Bi*Expert

Welcome to MY new phone service. For those of you who don't know ME, MY name is Dr Paris and am the creator and star of the very popular line of video clips known as

"BBC University""

My expertise lies in the genres of Cuckolding, Forced Bi, Interracial Domination, BBC, Feminization, Sissification, Small Penis Humiliation, Transgender Transformation and Femdom.

For those craving candid, explicit, kinky talk about your feverish desires for Cuckolding, BBC, Forced Bi and the ilk,I can provide frank, highly descriptive, brutally honest, exceptionally graphic, conversation and fantasy OR verbal exploration, advice, feedback or just lend a supportive ear to your fantasies.

Below you will find *some* of MY BBC University video clips for purchase, *Additional* BBC University clips will be permanently housed in MY Goodies section. Click the tab on my pages upper right corner entitled *Goodies*.

BBC University Freshman Orientation With Dr Paris
Dr Paris is BACK in all her high octane, coerced-bi, BBC, kink. Did ya miss ME? Listen in as I counsel a brand, new 18 year old, white male student at Biggen Blackmore University about what being a freshman here is REALLY like. I will cover the “ins and outs” of his new housing assignment with an African American junior AND senior football players as his roommates. What’s expected and required of him in terms of keeping his roommate’s testosterone levels in control. Detailed requirements regarding bathroom visits between classes to to service BBC both orally and anal, spit-roasting, prostate gland biology and P-Spot pleasure, and a reminder that white boys fill the female role on campus (as BBC University is female free except for ME Dr Paris of course) In all ways AND that we are a condom FREE campus. 19.04 minutes long. Mp4. Coerced Bi, Forced-Bi, BBC, Sissy, Gay sex, Feminization, Big Black Cock, Role-play, Doctor, Glasses, Legs, Mature Woman, Busty, Professional Woman

Freshman Crowned Homecoming White Boy Slut At BBC University

Congratulations are in order! You have been crowned freshman white boy slut for Homecoming here at BBC University! Competition was fierce but word on campus is you are the overwhelming worthy winner. Word gets around that you are an amazing , multi hole cum slut at the At BBC soirées thrown by your African American football playing roommates. You make Dr Paris proud! Furthermore, word on the street is that you are a incredible multi-tasker in the men’s lavatory on campus in between classes. Spit roasting in stall number 4 between classes: Gender studies 101 and sexuality and race 101, makes you the embodiment of the ideal white male student at BIggen Blackmore University! You will be the guest of honor at our XXX Homecoming Gang Bang, in which you will be receiving too many BBC’s to count. Start preparing ASAP and remember you must remove all our body hair, smooth skin is the name of the game, do your anal kegels AND no condoms are allowed on campus. See you at Homecoming, I’ll be videotaping everything!. 15.03 Minutes long, Mp4, Coerced Bi, BBC, Big Black Cock, Gay Sex, Feminization, College Role-Play, Sissification, Doctor, Glasses, Legs, Busty, Mature Woman, Dominant Woman, Femdom, Forced-Bi.

Welcome To BBC College. I am your school therapist Dr. Paris

Hello and welcome to Biggen Blackmore University. I am your assigned school therapist Dr. Paris. I am glad that you wanted to come to MY office to discuss your fears being one of the few white males at an all African American University. Okay so your main fears are bullying by your black , male dorm roommates and a fear of bringing your pretty, blonde, white, girlfriend to campus for fear that one of the black male students on campus might take her from you. It is MY job to : -Educate you on Black Superior Nature. -To teach you that it is a disservice to your white race that you are not giving your girlfriend the opportunity to expand Her sexuality. -To mentally prepare you of how Alpha Males may react in seeing your white girlfriend -Why it is natural that your roommates would try to get you to dress up in their girlfriends clothes when their girls are present. -Lastly to explain in detail the differences between the white race and Black race in sexuality, dominance and penis size. SPH, Forced Feminization, Humiliation, Interracial Domination, Glasses, Powerful Woman, BBC, Cuckolding.18.99. 18 minutes.

Student Returns To Therapist Dr. Paris At BBC College With A Cuckolding Update!

Welcome back to Biggen Blackmore University aka BBC College. I am so glad you decided to come in to MY office today & give ME an update on you and your pretty, white, blonde, curvacious 18 year old girlfriend Becky. Okay so you brought Becky to the Homecoming celebrations, but she brought only skimpy clothing-like daisy duke shorts & crop tops, that she insisted on wearing to campus parties? Okay...go on...Okay and she was dirty dancing with 5 black male students at a house party while you sat on the couch & watched? Wow, I bet you felt small & helpless didn't you? You did but you also felt aroused by the humiliation also. Okay the guys stripped Becky down to her undies & brought you both to an upstairs bedroom...Oh okay so she led the pack of guys upstairs & you happily followed. What happened next? Wow you BOTH ended up on your knees with big, black cock in your mouths.....My professional opinion is: the more couples have in common the happier their relationship is......tell ME what happened next By the way...Welcome To The Wonderful World of Cuckolding young man....Cuckolding, Interracial. BBC, humiliation, Hot Wife, Professional Woman, Powerful Woman, Glasses, Crossed Legs, SPH, Forced Bi21.99, 21 minutes.

Student Needs Anal Play Advice From BBC University Therapist Dr. Paris

Hello young man, welcome back to the counseling center here at BBC University. What can I help you with today? Oh okay so your cuckolding lifestyle with your girlfriend Becky and the big black studs here on campus is going well, and you are loving anal penetration delivered by some of the BBC studs during cuckolding play and you need advice on how best to take he biggest of the black cocks. No problem, that's what I am here for as your counselor. Lets look at what I have in MY supply case. Oh look I have a small and very large black butt plug, and a medium size and HUGE black dildo. Let's discuss how best to use these for the optimum big black cock anal experience! Cuckolding, Teacher, Eyeglasses, MILF, Busty, Cleavage, Interracial gay sex.$17.99, 17 minutes.

Today at BBC University, White Male Freshman Sexually Services Black Male Professor

Welcome back to to Biggen Blackmore University. I am your assigned school therapist Dr. Paris. Today a new white boy freshman comes to see me as counselor at BBC University as one of his black lecturer/professors has been having sex with him for months and he wants it to stop, as he says he wants to be a normal hetrosexual boy. Over the course of the clip I proceed to convince him that it is only right that he remains as his white bitch as the lecturer is just teaching him his place in life: as a white bottom bitch faggot. I ask him what kind of things he makes him do: he responds with tales of: sucking off the professor under his desk, on campus whiles he works, in his car, meeting in hotel rooms for hours of rough anal pounding, being slapped around and being throat fucked. I ask him to describe his huge,black cock as I find listening to him talk about bbc is very arousing. The student goes onto complain that the black, older professor refuses to wear condoms & he is worried about std's and but loves feeling him throb and shooting inside him. I ask him to reframe that fear & tell him how grateful he should be as his seed is a gift. The white boy student also tells me how he is very aggressive, makes his jaw ache and anal sex is painful, I suggest a butt plug but the student tells me that's not allowed as the black, older professor likes his young ,white ass, tight. Forced Bi, Black & White, BBC Talk, Older Man Younger Man Sex Talk, Therapist, Mature, Interracial Sexual Power Play Talk $21.99, 21 minutes.

BBC University. The Sissy Slut Freshman

Welcome back to BBC (Biggen Black More) University! I am your counselor Dr. Paris. As a freshman & a white male you have had quite a year at our predominantly African American University. First your white girlfriend Becky was *black dickmatized*, then you were cuckolded by campus BBC and now you're a sissy slut, for the Universities athletic legend: Tyrone. Remember the University experience is about campus life & real life adventures. Embrace this time and be the best Sissy Slut you can be! Forced Bi, Sissy Training, BBC, Interracial, Powerful Woman, Therapist, DR., Counselor, Gay4Pay, School Fetish, Teacher Fetish $14.99, 14 minutes.

Dr. Paris BBC University: Student Confesses-I am The Sissy Bitch Of My Madres Big Black Boyfriend!

The saga continues & our cuckolded, sissy white boy student has returned to Dr. Paris at BBC University to confess what's happening now in his cuckie, lil white bitch, BBC lovin' world! Last time I spoke to this student he was still with his pretty, white girlfriend Becky & she was cuckolding him with black studs from campus here at our traditionally black , male school Biggen BlackMore University. Since then his parents have split. Pop's came home & caught madre on the couch with a big black stud when he returned home early from a business trip. Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree & nearly the whole family has jungle fever now. To take things even farther to the dark side..our student has now become the official cock sucking, sissy dressing, bottom boy bitch to madre'smandingo lover! You know what they say? Once you go black you never go back! Cuckolding, BBC, Therapist, Forced Bi, Sissy Male College Student, Mature, Eyeglasses, Interracial Domination, SPH. **Make sure to check out all MY other Dr. Paris BBC University clips in MY studio!$15.99, 15minutes.