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Worldly God Damion

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I see a lot say CAM VERIFIED but...

Here's My Proof of Life! Where is Their's?

This is my world, and I am its God! That makes you a worshiper even if you don't know yet!
Take our relationship to the next level buy a refined access to collective synergy.

^This is an unholy trinity of devilish doctrine.^
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1. Soul Pact (The High Pact): CUMS with Document, Skype ID, a Sermon MP3, and MEGA HIT story MP3 "MindFuck Miracle"

2. Blackmail Contract (Lower Pact): Comes with Document, Skype ID, an Accomplice Promise MP3, and My Big Hit MP3 "Blackmail Michael"

3. Slave Compact (Loathsome Pact): Comes with Document, Skype ID, an explanation MP3, and Hit MP3 story "Manhood Jinx"

There is no sin of mortal men that I will not succor in our private moments together. My Smoking Sardonic Soul was conceived in the act of a deadly sin. I then came into My God World having eliminated what should have been an equal competitor to my ascension before clawing my way to the light. I grew in the ways of Lucifer and evolved past them into the true nature of evil. What are your most extravagant kinks against that Peon? Do you think you can disgust me... Do you dare believe I won't indulge your petty weakness? It is in the bond of my power and your helplessness that becomes the value of our relationship. I am perfectly happy to roll around in the mud of your filthiest sexual expression! To be so is the province of a God all things to all man!

I am also a purveyor of MASTERFUL MINDFUCK specializing in the subtle spectrum of kinks. I can pluck them pizzicato with Stradivarius precision. Unlike the garbage floating by I actually care to know what makes you itch! I want to hear all the delicious details you dare not share with even the barfly fags. I want to go into that place inside your head that has no ability to think. It can only want, and I want to give it what it wants, and all you have to do is exchange money for my gifts... Such as, but not limited to Superpowers of Description, a 139 IQ, a depraved mind bent on violent erotica, The birthright gift of human corruption, and a 6 foot 1 210 lb hard muscle body to keep you down.

I also offer Skype free with your phone call (Just ask when we connect or advance email) that way even if you're too much of a pussy to go on cam I can still look right through your eyes into the sickening soul haunting you!

Even an Atheist can be a Monotheist if you bow to the ONE TRUE WORLDLY GOD DAMION!

Little Kink List: (If you don't see yours just ask I got you)
Racial Humiliation
Prison Boss/Prison Play (Ask me for details)
Panty Boy Swatter
Androphile (Worshipers of Man Gods!)
Macro Fetish (Shrink/Giant)
Self Loathing Goading
Disgruntled Employee
Edge Play
Dungeon Debutante
Pimp Life
Foot Worship
Intimate Prosthetic Placement Adviser
Statue of Pity
Fart Fanning
Cum Eater Dietitian
Glory Hole Advisory
Meat Puppet Master
Str8 Guy/Fag
Trophy Thug
Face Sitting
Role Playing Doctor
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