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Cam Verified

Lots of FAKE "Gods" out there demand proof before worshiping!

Ok so here's how it is I save my talking for the phone. All you need to know about me is I'm the bad boy, who leaves my clients satisfied no matter how far down the pit of your depravity we have to explore. Everything else is bullshit!

I am a Str8 guy TOP ONLY fag abuser!

Abominations deserve no such observance of natural rights, and will have none of that for as long as I choose to live inside your head.

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1. Soul Pact (Highest Pact) CUMS with Document, a Sermen MP3, and MEGA HIT story MP3 "MindFuck Miracle"

2. Blackmail Contract: Comes with Document, an Accomplace Promise MP3, and My Big Hit MP3 "Blackmail Michael"

3. Slave Compact (Lowest Pact) Comes with Document, an explanation MP3, and Hit MP3 story "Manhood Jinx"

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