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Shayla Aspasia

My phone is on vibrate just keep calling & calling

GODDESS WORSHIP the words may just be tossed around but you will come to understand their true meaning. Under me just being in my presence will make you desire to be servant. Your most primitive inner being knows that it belongs under the power of a woman like me. Perfection must be worshiped and you can not escape the animal in you that must submit. TEASE & DENIAL watching a man while he struggles to maintain sexual control is amusement for me. I like to see you being pushed to the edge then tell you in no uncertain terms NO! You will not come without permission you will not orgasm unless I demand it of you. You will suffer in the most uncomfortable way under the stress of blue balls all afternoon just to make me smile.

FORCED FEMINIZATION I like the games that really mess with men's minds. I like to make you do things you absolutely do not want to do. I know you are not into girly things but I want to push you so far you can never come back. I will put you in those silky clothes, high heels, and whatever else I desire. You will cry, complain and beg that is okay I like it. Just remember this I always win! ROLE-PLAYING when it comes to dealing with a smart lady you can bet that I am going to be creative sexually. Of course vanilla is fun SOMETIMES but I want adventure. I like to dress up in costumes and play out scenarios that make life interesting. I like to push your buttons and mine to see how far our minds can take us. Just like my own private erotic novel that I let you play in too.

CUCKOLDING lets be honest here some men are built for sex and some men are built for relationships rarely is that the same man. I want the big thick hard cock to play with but I also want the man that makes for a good partner. Seeing that you are the partner type you are just going to have to make concessions on the other. You will be my cuckold and you will do so willingly. Remember rule number one in this game I ALWAYS get what I want and you always give it to me.

SISSY TRAINING there are real men then there is you. You are a sissy we both know it there is no reason to deny this. Actually I like the thought of having my own play toy that I can dress up and turn into a true sissy. I like the thought of us sharing a cock while you put a nice ring of bright red lipstick around that shaft.

HUMILIATION remember that first time when a girl was honest with you. She told you what a loser you were yes it made you want to crawl into the nearest deepest hole but it also made you so horny. We both know you are loser that is why I feel the need to explain just how large a loser you truly are.

JOI (jerk off instruction) you are my entertainment I sit here while you do exactly what I tell you to do. You will stroke your cock and you will only be allowed to get off if I want you to. I know you want to sneak in an orgasm but I am onto your game. My game my pleasure your wants do not matter. You better be a good jerk off boy and beg me well.

FORCED INTOXICATION games are always a lot of fun and one of my favorite ones is to get you as messed up as I can. I like to make you do things. Grab that bottle and get ready to take those drinks as fast or slow as it amuses me.

IGNORE you thought you were worthy of talking to a perfection like myself. Yeah that is not going to happen. Just sit there you are lucky I even let you near me. Watch while I take your money and entertain myself doing my own things. Do not speak you are nothing and the best thing you can do is shut up like a good loser.

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FINANCIAL DOMINATION there are many way to take control of a man. Some women scream, some women beat, however I prefer to take away your money. We hear all the time that men make more than women so how does it feel when I take the one thing that you could pride yourself on. Stripping that money slowly out of your bank account while I make you work for so much more. I will always be in control and I will always get everything I desire.

TABOO FANTASIES does your mind ever wonder to those things that society tells us are just wrong. To be honest so does mine. I like to live out things in my mind that we could never do in the real world. I have a very dark mind when it comes to taboo are you man enough to step into my fantasy.

BLACKMAIL even the sound of the word makes your spine tingle. Telling me everything all those things you never say to anyone else. I am so easy to talk to that you forget I will use this information for whatever purposes I desire. I know I said you could trust me you just forgot to ask what I meant by that. You can trust me to use everything you say to get what I want.

SPH (small penis humiliation) you have always known you were tiny. You could look around you in the men's locker room and see that all the other penises were larger than yours when they were completely flaccid. You are just a worthless little dick loser. Laughing at your teeny tiny prick is so much fun. You think you could have a girl like me! Wait right there while I grab the magnifying glass.

CEI (cum eating instructions) you made the mess you will clean it up for me. I like the way your face grimaces at the very thought of cleaning up that cum. I know you were so worked up that you would have agreed to do anything just to have an orgasm. Now you will keep your word! Lick up every drop of that sperm.

"You are going to shut up and be good." I command you as I mount you with my tight, drenching pussy, allowing you to touch my large 36C breast as I stick out my hot pierced tongue, my sultry almost airless voice rattling through you like a viper in a matter-of-fact way. Gazing into your eyes, I wait for you to submit to me, my words are law and my body your Enforcer. "Oh-God!" you cry out my name as I continue my assault between your thighs all the while the fury of my words echoed like shards of glass through your mind. The last man I was with made the mistake of thinking that because of my innocent looks I would easily be his submissive. He thought that all he had to do was sneak up behind me one night, slide his cock between my thighs, to have me. He thought I would just give in, give up and be controlled under his rule. He thought wrong... and his cock paid dearly for it.. Call ME Take the challenge are you more man then the last one!

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Anything goes, no taboos! The rules of the world do not apply here. I want to make your every fantasy a reality. Topics I love to discuss...BISEXUALITY, VANILLA, FEMINIZATION, SPH, CBT, FORCED BI, FORCED INTOX, ANAL, ORAL, GFE, HUMILIATION, STRAPON TRAINING, D/s, ROLEPLAYS and more!

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