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Cuckolded & Feminized By Your Trophy Wife...

Hello My Weak Little Husband,
You know I am far to good for you, and I know it too. We both come from well to do families, and neither one of them know of our "living arrangement" You will do anything I ask of you to keep me from spilling your embarrassing new lifestyle. You married me because you wanted to impress the guys at your firm...your friends warned you that I was way out of your league and that you'd be sorry. They didn't know how sorry you'd end up being...

Our wedding night should have tipped you off. Instead of having sex with you, you found me in bed with a hotter, younger man that worked at the resort we enjoying our honey moon at. As time went by I became more and more demanding. Pretty soon you weren't even allowed to use the furniture at home. You were stupid enough to not sign a prenup. Now I have you by the balls...literally. You were silly enough to think because I was much younger than you that you would have control of our relationship. I've have always been a master manipulator, and before you knew what was happening you became my personal bitch.

I've turned you from a confident, self reliant, macho man into a sniveling, panty wearing bitch. Not only I always I flat out rejected any sort of sexual advance from you, but I fuck all of your closest friends too. You work hard all day to keep while I spend your cash. Then come home, put on an apron, and get down to the cooking, cleaning, and whatever other housework I have assigned you. We have never consummated our marriage, and I make it clear that the Only sex you will ever get from Me involves a strap on, and you laying face first on the floor. You've been so mind fucked, that the idea of being used like a little cum dumpster by my many male friends seems quite titillating. But, you know that is a privilege you will have to earn... You can't help but wonder if you were ever a real man at all... My happiness is all that matters to you now. No matter what I make you do for me, the degradation and humiliation is worth it, just to remain in my magnetic presence.
xoxo~ April .

Hi Again Sweetie...It's time to perform your husbandly duties. Open that wallet and place those crisp bills into my beautifully manicured hands. Your wifey has some shopping to do...And let's face it, seeing me smile makes all of that hard work worth it...Click on the cash below to give your cruel and beautiful wife her "allowance" So funny because we both know all of your hard earned money is rightfully mine anyhow....xoxo~April

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