Phone Sex

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A sensual mind melt and extensive connection.

See something you wish was there and isn't? Hehe, well that's all the more fun now isn't it? I'm very explorative, I enjoy it really wet and messy. Full of cum, full of spit. and those dirty things I'd rather just whisper in your ear instead, I want to know what you like (: Roleplay? I enjoy a variety of roles, particularly being a good girl for you ;) I'll make you proud and happy, and if I don't well I deserve a punishment for my behaviour now don't I? (: and well of course, whoever you'd like to be for me (: Let's explore and see all the things we can find out about eachother, deep inside or gently outside. Let's be respectful of the rules and break the ones that are set for us to do so ;) Can respect be a fetish? The way it can make me feel I dunno maybe ;) I LOVE. TO EAT! Haha, yes, food, please. Oh, you want to watch me eat? I love feeling full and satisfied, and food is guaranteed to do that! The only thing I don't like is cheese (Cept for pizza, of couuuuuuurse!) Other then that, feed me please ;) I love letting you make me filthy, and instructing me to clean up, watching me shower & shave if you like (: I love the company. NIPPLES! I have big nipples and love to make them hard and torture them, can you help me? ( :Anal training? Yes please! My asshole is so tight, I love a good long stretch, gentle and wet, then fuck my ass with the size of toy your choosing! Note: For this I prefer to have an empty stomach and would request that we can plan this in advance so there's no interruptions (: Like to watch me soak myself in pants? Stockings?Panties? Leggings? Let me get soaked for you, oh, bathroom obedience too? YES PLEASE (: Make me drink up to 5 glasses of water and hold it for two hours or more? See my discomfort and watch me explode? Mmm. I hope you're up for it. Do you like to own, dominate, and take possession? I'd respond to you Master, all I ask is you say please and treat me like your Queen (: & I'm yours. Let's play dress up? I love fun outfits, stockings, shoes, you name it! always looking for more to have fun in and getting to know what you like to see me in. Suggestions? Link me, treat me to your tea, and let me be your dolly ( : (:Now I don't wanna give all of it away, I'll keep the extra dirt so you can squeeze it out of me, and I'll spill it out all over you how ever your heart desires..Speaking of hearts and desire, that is one of the biggest and last ones I'll share for now ;) & that one is, talk's of affection. Interesting it may seem to some, but reading, and listening, enhances my stimulation so much, makes me tremble. wet. and throb. I enjoy a mix of love and sexuality in the rarest forms, and I appreciate how each of you expresses it differently, and for me that is the treat.Let's get to know each other and indulge. Certain voices can make my eyes roll back in to my head, my own voice change from the stimulation. Being able to hear you and hear me too, that is something that will always get me deep inside my mind and euphoria. ;)Welcome to Tea, darling.