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Feminization By Felina!

I know your secret.
I know what you’ve been hiding.
I know how much you need to tell (and maybe even show!) someone.
You’ve been living a lie for so long,
you’ve almost started to believe it yourself.
But then you touch a pair of silky panties,
or some gorgeous hosiery,
and you’re right back in the fantasy again.

Your secret self is sweet,
silky and slutty.
She likes to dress up,
wear makeup,
and give herself
to the most masculine of men.
Her lips ache
to be wrapped around a cock,
and to be used
in the most depraved ways possible.

You’re such a pretty little thing…
so why do you continue to hide it?
You know what it is you were born for
and what you were made to do.
I know how deep your need is…
how much you yearn
to be used
like the little sissy slut you are.
I know how badly
you want to realize
the fantasies
that are alive only in your mind.

You only need some training,
an open mind,
and me.
I will take you from wanting
to willing,
and from needful
to pleasing.
You will first submit to me in every way.
I will then train you
to submit and to serve completely
and to learn to be a proper slut.
You will be my puppet and plaything first,
which will lead to learning
to be the plaything of many.

You will learn to obey me completely,
and you will come to realize
that “no” is not an option for you.
you will become
what you were always meant to be,
my sweet little sissy slut.
Call me to begin the life you know you were always meant to live!

If I'm not available, call one of my sexy friends!

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