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Miss Anna's College of Cumswallowing!

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Admit it, you have a nasty little desire that's been gnawing away at you. You stroke and stroke your cock, dreaming of how deviant it would be if you could only swallow your juices at the end.
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But... then you cum, and the desire fades so fast that you can't even get that first fingerful of jizz up to your lips.
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You need Miss Anna's College of Cumswallowing.
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In your College Intake, Miss Annalise will interview you about your cumswallowing desires and experiences. Please be ready to share your history of ejaculate eating, your attempts and successes or failures. What methods have you tried for ingesting your jism? What aspects of consuming your spooge get you most turned on? Is it the idea of guzzling your own dick juice? Or maybe you have a secret fantasy in which you imagine another man busting a nut right in your face, with you gobbling down that huge load! Does it turn you on more to have to hold that cock snot on your tongue, or to swallow it down so that you will be acutely aware of it sitting on your stomach all day?
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Don't worry, you don't need all the answers yet. Miss Annalise will help you explore all the nuances of your addiction.

She will then tailor make a curriculum of study and practicum for you to follow to get you to reach your ideal cumswallowing experience!!!
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