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Want to talk about spanking?

Various topics can include discussing your history of spanking, answering burning questions that you may have, discussing spanking fantasies, talking about spanking stories, & more. And some people just call me because they are lonely & bored and just want to catch up on life in general.

Looking forward to talking with fellow spanko's, whether you are a complete newbie or you've been on the scene long & attended various National Spanking Parties, I love talking about spanking.

If I'm not available, please check out My Goodies, as I have numerous audio stories created that you can hear. I also create custom audio clips, so if you have a story that you would like to hear come to life from my lips, please either call or message me through NiteFlirt to discuss.

If you enjoy talking with me, & want to send me a special gift to let me know how thrilled you are, here is a link to my Amazon wishlist. My birthday month is September *hint hint*

My other interests: FemDom, CFNM, Strapon, Role Play, Sissy Sluts, Foot Worship, Small Penis Humiliation, Cuckold Fantasies, Impact Play, JOI, spanking, scolding, and more.

Depending on my mood I can be sensual or very strict.

Hugs & Spanks,
Miss Jenn Davis

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Disciplinary Chill/Trance Music. A very relaxing music mix that will almost hypnotize you to the sound of my voice saying spanking & disciplinary phrases

Video - Miss Jenn Paddles and Hand Spanks OTK

In the video above, Miss Jenn uses her hand, an OTK paddle, a leather studded paddle/strap, and a sandal to spank a naughty young man OTK. This video is just a short segment, out of a 2-hour spanking that said "naughty young man" needed to endure in order to learn his lesson.


A "Real Punishment" Spanking

Here are a few of my favorite Goodie's that you will certainly enjoy:

"MY KIND OF WIFE" - FLR- DD - F/m Spanking Story

You wife has had enough of your disrespectful behavior. You've kept her waiting & worrying for 43 minutes this time.
Lots of scolding, sounds of the belt or hand spanking. In the pauses, think of how you might answer back to your wife if she was speaking with you.

Spanking Phrases

"Spanking Phrases" audio clip. Almost 8 minutes long. Some of your favorite phrases like "I am going to blister your bottom", "You are going over my knee, young man!"

"Because I Want To" Audio
My best friend asks me to babysit her 18-year old son for the weekend because he has been watching porn and she doesn't trust him to stay home by himself. It doesn't sound mildly appealing, until...she says “feel free to give him a good spanking… if he gives you any trouble”. But what my friend doesn't know is that I secretly love embarrassing and humiliating young men & the thought of spanking this naughty young man is secretly turning me on...Can you imagine how things unfold once he comes over?

"Cuckold Hotwife Fantasy" Audio
A sexy wife coaxes her partner into revealing his secret fantasy

Mouthsoaping Instructions
Recorded as an educational aid for the woman of the house, you're there as Miss Jenn washes a mouth out with soap, giving step-by-step instructions on the best technique to use with a naughty boyfriend or husband. This audio contains profanity and is intended as entertainment only. You assume any and all risks for mouthsoaping you might get.

"Self-Spanking Instructions" Audio Clip
"I have had it with your constant naughty behaviour! You deserve a good spanking, plain and simple. But, this time, I am so angry with you that I am not going to be the one raising a sweat in reddening your wicked bottom...... YOU ARE! Naughty boy.... SPANK THYSELF!"