Phone Sex

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Hiya Jinxz

What can you think of to fill the time...?

Everyone yearns for something. We all have that nagging sensation that there’s something you’re missing out on.

• Do you want an escape from the daily trudging of your daily life?

• Do you have a lack of understanding from everyone around you?

• Are you tired of giving to everyone around you and receiving nothing in return?

• Or do you want a healthy injection of excitement and passion?

I’m the girl you come to at the end of your day. I provide the safe space where you can unwind and share those thoughts that you’re not able to share anywhere else.

Let me be your confidante. I can be one of the sweetest people you know but I’ll always be honest. I won’t lie to you and say that I’m so horny and I’ve been waiting for you to call me. But I will give you unscripted realness tailored to you because I’m always willing to listen.

To sum it all up I’m who you come to when you’re tired of feeling small.

Hard Rules: Age play, race play, or non-consensual fantasies will never be indulged.