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Your pleasure is my purpose

Each and every day it was the same thing. Except for her. I looked around and wondered how many men got hard looking at her. If they had the same nasty thoughts I did. Granted she wasn’t typical, she was a bit more than curvy but maybe it was the slow way she walked as if everything was worth looking at or the way she smiled at everyone she passed. Maybe it was that she was the only woman that didn’t eat a fucking salad for lunch. I would watch her eat, slowly, enjoying every bite and imagine her sucking my cock. One day I saw her petting a dog and couldn’t get the image of her stroking me the way she did Fido out of my head until I got back to my office and rubbed one out.

She has the longest auburn hair, big blue eyes, and the most amazing ass. Round and full, high. It made you want to walk behind her or pull her against you and rub your cock all over it. The problem was she seemed unapproachable. Until that night…

The lights were dim but the music was so loud you could barely hear yourself think. Young, tight bodies pressed tightly together made it difficult to move across the floor. You could feel the heat coming off of them as you passed by. Smell the sexual tension. Hell, you could smell the sex. The bar was three deep, looking around as I waited for my drink a small group caught my attention. I did a double take. Three years and I had never seen her anywhere except outside of the deli yet there she was. Instantly my cock was hard. She was fucking incredible.

Her hair was down and slightly curled, hanging around her face and shoulders, her lips so full and sexy I was torn between wanting to watch her talk and kissing the hell out of her. The bartender handed me my drink and I moved to the side to watch her. She threw her head back and laughed. One of the guys with her put his arm around her and my first instinct was to kick his ass. I watched her move away from him and before I knew it I was a few feet away from her.

She stood there looking at me, head tilted a little, the sweetest smile I had ever seen and she said “Hi.” Lucky for me the music softened. “Would you like to dance?” I held out my hand and she shook her head yes. I lead her to the floor and felt her wrap her arms around my neck. She was so small in my arms. Her head just below my neck, resting on my chest. Her hair smelled like a damn rainforest and her soft body under my hands had me thinking things that could put a man in jail. She looked up at me and smiled. I did what any man would have done. I leaned down and took those lips under mine and kissed her like no one else existed. One hand slid into her soft hair, the other her lower back and I felt her shudder as my cock pressed into her stomach. Her fingers clutching my neck and shoulders holding on tighter. Our bodies were still moving to the music. She tasted like brandy and fire. I looked down at her, holding her close. I whispered in her ear, “Please don’t let this end here.” She looked closely at me, took my hand and led me to a corner with a door. The rather big guy stepped aside and we went in. Up a flight of stairs into another room that looked rather like an apartment. It was very quiet and looked out over the city.

The lights couldn’t outshine her. She stood there looking at me. All I wanted to do was taste her, drink her, and fuck her until she screamed my name. Moving her hair gently to one side I untied her dress and let it fall. My tongue instantly licking and tasting her skin. Her neck and throat so soft and her soft whimpers as her hands removed my shirt had my cock throbbing. Holding her huge tits in my hands, my thumbs caressing hard nipples. My mouth closed over the first one and the other and I could see the wetness of my mouth shining on them in the light. Beautiful pink nipples, hard as rocks under my tongue, sucking, licking and gently biting had her digging her nails into my shoulders.

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I enjoy creative roleplays. The sensual and erotic appeal to me. Of course, I can be versatile, one just needs to share what it is they desire and I will happily comply. One's needs should be met with a certain amount of finesse and excitement. Please understand that I am a woman that enjoys talking about sex and all it involves a great deal. I can not provide you with anything that is less than authentic behavior. A connection is important. There are many lovely women on NF that provide and have the skills in which I lack. I do not humiliate men with small penises. I am a lover of all men and the different skill sets they provide. I am articulate and curious and very interested in providing you with an experience. I look forward to getting to know you and the time we will spend together.