Phone Sex

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Your pleasure is my purpose

“Shhhh….This is a process,” I whispered in his ear. Always so eager to quickly undress, to grope, taste, enter those secret, sweet places they fantasied about. I could see his mind working. Wanting to be in control, the aching and desire in his eyes. This wasn’t about tease and denial, or who was in control. This was about sensuality, understanding and appreciating the smell of sex, the way just a touch can take you out of your mind and send your reeling! How when just brushing my lips against your lips can steal your breath and you inhale so deeply it is as if you have taken your first breath. My breasts pressed against your warm skin makes you convulse and your hands want nothing more than to stroke and pull at my flesh.

You are aching, throbbing and the moment you are freed you can think of nothing more than completing your mission but you have learned nothing yet. I will feel the warmth of your lips at the base of my neck, your passion building as you kiss your way down my spine. Your splendid fingers kneading and stroking as you caress and lick my bottom.

An authentic illusion. It is may sound a bit odd but it is exactly what I wish to create for you. Here you are allowed to be whomever you wish to be, you are allowed to be your authentic self or to be the person you have always wanted to be but can’t because you fear judgement or because of obligations. Strong men that carry heavy burdens long to be free of their daily worries. Smaller men want nothing more than to allow their inner primal urges to take over. Some men want romance and soft kiss’s, others want to be devoured. Others enjoy a mutual experience which I excel at. All I ask of you is that you be willing to make that connection, share your trustiest desires with me and allow me to give you what is you crave in your dreams.

I am a true GFE experience but please understand there is a darker side to me. If properly persuaded I can torture and humiliate in a way that is quiet and scary. I want into your mind, your feelings, and your experience’s. All of these things will allow us to have a truly amazing connection therefore a wonderful experience. I am not here just for your money, I am here to create your fantasy and a memory that you will not be able to forget. I am Caia, there is just one of me. I am unique. I am personal in what I do. Hopefully we will connect, I am not for everyone but I can tell you that I will do my best to give you all that you need. Know that if you want a Queen you earn her….. .

You feel everything! Your heart racing, blood raging through your veins, you smell the sweet smell of sex. Throbbing and aching in my hand I stroke you, watching your body react, the tips of my nails raking over your skin, my breath like a whisper wrapping around you as I pull you deeper into my velvet like mouth. My soft moans vibrating up your spine, ringing in your ears. The tip of my tongue sliding in and out of you as if on its own secret mission to bring you pleasure. The way my long, silky hair feels wrapped around your fingers and brushes against your body as the pleasure builds. Soft words turning into needy words….A small sample of my writing and how my mind works.

Sex, fantasies, sensuality is all about choice. You must be open to feeling, to exploring, to allowing yourself to be immersed in your experience. What we do together, our experience, will be based solely on how we communicate with one another. Whatever your need or desire we can fulfill it together.

I enjoy creative roleplays. The sensual and erotic appeal to me. Of course, I can be versatile, one just needs to share what it is they desire and I will happily comply. One's needs should be met with a certain amount of finesse and excitement. Please understand that I am a woman that enjoys talking about sex and all it involves a great deal. I can not provide you with anything that is less than authentic behavior. A connection is important. There are many lovely women on NF that provide and have the skills in which I lack. I am a lover of all men and the different skill sets they provide. I am articulate and curious and very interested in providing you with an experience. I look forward to getting to know you and the time we will spend together.