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Mercy West

Lifestyle FinDom -No Limits- I Destroy Addicts...

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First of all... Most 'Fin Dom' girls seem desperate for your money , am I right? That's just not the fucking point of financial domination if you ask me - Its a serious and intricate relationship that takes the time and dedication of both parties ,

Lets get started....


Why you should serve

-Mercy West-

Goddess - Cash Brat - Porn Princess

#10. Verification - I am frequently available on Skype &I make porn .So Duh. No fakes here.

#9. Availability - Being ignored by your mistress? Good little pay piggies this is my life. I work from home - making clips - Doing phone work and cam shows. So I am always available, for the right price. Basically I'm an addict's worst nightmare.

#8. I am absolutely shameless - I've been doing this for a while and I've pretty much seen it all. I don't give a fuck about your life, I don't give a fuck about your obligations or your bills. All I give a fuck about is your loyalty to me and how you show &prove it! Some girls won't post photos that 'out' and 'humiliate' you. I will, you are absolutely scum compared to me. Why should I care? Some girls won't use their brains to fuck with you, But I will. Some girls won't humiliate you live on cam - but I will .

#7. Audio & Video Clips - if you are an obedient & truly loyal pay pig or addict I offer custom video and audio. These come at a High Price but are fucking worth it and you know it. And remember no matter when you tribute you will get the video or audio clip when I feel you deserve it & not a moment before. Understood , loser?

6#. My beauty - there is a reason I am in adult films. I'm fucking gorgeous and you know it. These girls photo shopping their pictures and still using 'duck face' need to fucking up their game. All natural girls is where its at! No silicone here , fuckers. Bow down & worship my real tits and natural essence.

5#. Expenses - Working in the adult industry is tough especially as a porn star & pro dominatrix. There are so many expenses to cover. Everything from travel to toys & dungeon space will be purchased on your dime. You will also fund my off time activities. Which may include other female providers, extravagant dinner dates with friends etc. So never fear, there will not be a shortage of expenses to cover as my cash slave . My greedy little fingers won't be out of your pockets long before they are back , digging deep for even more cash.

#4. My lust for blackmail - I can't wait to get my hands on your life. I can do A LOT with a little , It's better to not resist and just give me what I want instead of making me work for it. If I have to work to get it from you & the repercussions from our sessions will be even greater. Also, as I stated previously I don't give a fuck about your life or friends, its not my problem if they find out you are a squealing little cash slut piggy with a pin dick or if they find out exactly where your paycheck is going, is it? Just keep doing your job & paying me tribute and maybe Just maybe I'll keep my fucking mouth shut...

3#. Hotter than your wife/girlfriend - Need I Fucking Say More?

2#. Experience - it's easy to find a girl that will drain your wallet and laugh in your face. But finding a girl that will truly find the cracks in your psyche and break you down bit by bit, a girl that will use you up time and time again only to bring you back to life for more sadistic torture and relentless humiliation. That is a little harder to find, it takes years to culminate the skills needed to be A truly wicked and worthwhile Financial Dominatrix. You will come to find that my mind fucks are far better than any of the actual fucks you have had.

1#. Isn't it fucking obvious, loser? You should submit to me because you're fucking useless without me. You have already read this far, you have been looking at my photos and that pathetic cock has been getting hard? Hasn't it? That's what I fucking thought. Now that your downward spiral has begun , come to me with your wallet between your teeth. Call and I may pick up....



Want My Full Attention ASAP? Want to prove you are the real deal and not a just another time wasting fucker? Then purchase a small token of gratitude - A tiny tribute that says "Hello , May I Prove My Worthless Self To You , Princess?"