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Cassandra Fox


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Are you holding in a secret that you are just too ashamed to tell anyone?

Are you a Pay Pig addicted to Financial Slavery, raise the rate games,fantasy extortion, getting fucked over, and you just cant stop because it makes your cock rock hard?
Are you a powerful CEO by day who enjoys when a sexy woman takes your power away from you at night.

Do you foster inappropriate relationships with Financial Mistresses that could potentially ruin your life if anyone found out?

Do you feel no one would understand if you told them about these secret behaviors?

 Do you spend all of your time on the internet looking for the perfect Fin Domme?

Do you have an obsession with Financial Domination that is so strong because the orgasms are just so intense?

Do you try to fill the void in your life by spending more and more of your hard earned money on beautiful women? Yet you are left scratching your head in disbelief because the women you give your money to dont have the slightest idea about what real financial servitude entails?

Is your spending so out of control that when you get your credit card statements you feel the same shitty feeling like waiting for a bad haircut to grow out?
Do you obsess and constantly click on profiles all night long even when you have no money in your niteflirt account? Or call in to the phone line just to listen to greetings until pay day?
Do you abstain from your Financial Addiction only to find yourself slipping back into old patterns, or do you just white knuckle through your obsession, afraid that if you opened up Pandoras box you would never be able to close it again?

Do you act out on your secret dark desires because once you get turned on you don't care?

Is there a piece of you that feels the guilt and shame, wishing you could understand why this turns you on so much?

Do you obsess on turning your financial power over to a beautiful woman because you feel you have nothing else to offer?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a problem.
Look no further I am your Panacea. I am a very intuitive listener and I give great advice and suggestions. I can help you stop, or I can help you embrace the part of yourself that craves to be a human ATM. The part that desires to give up their power and control. I can be your leash to keep you in line. I can neatly organize your budget, eliminating unnecessary luxuries. I can make your life easier by relieving you of responsibility, decision-making, luxury, and free will. I take time and energy out of my day to give you structure, to give you purpose. I can give your life meaning by taking control. Thats if you choose to embrace this fetish.

I can also just listen, and be a shoulder for you to cry on, and talk you through some of these intense sexual feelings that you cant deny.

Confess to me in a non-judgemental platform all those secret financial addictions and sexual behaviors that have been controlling your cock for so long.

I'm here for you in any capacity you need. Whether that be emotional, spiritual, or sexual. I wont and will never pretend to be anything other than what I am.
I will share my own experiences to help you make your own choices. Whether it be to change your behavior or simply come to your own level of acceptance with the things that turn you on.

Please be prepared to spend some time with me. I offer a complete experience. Which wont happen in 2 minutes.
You can call anytime I am logged on, or you can email me if you need to talk at a specific time. I'm available for extended time periods and email communication if you would prefer to write your confession to me instead.

Dont let your secrets weigh you down any longer. Let me guide you and address these patterns that may be popping up in your life again that you wish to change.

DONT BE FOOLED by others who claim to offer professional therapy. Those who have just copy and pasted my words and tweaked them to look like their own. Hiding behind fake cartoon avatars and porn pics with no level of transparency as to who they really are. I am a genuine person with a lot of knowledge, experience and insight with 20 years of experience in many different aspects of BDSM and financial domination.
Whether it be just listening to you, or helping you budget your finances and rebuild your life.

When you call me please be direct in what direction you'd like the call to go in. If you call me and want to "serve" me then we are going to talk about what i want to talk about. I am a Dominant therapist. If you have a specific thing you want to discuss then you have to use your big boy words and tell me. I am not a mind reader and I'm not psychic. A great connection on the phone comes from two people communicating their fantasies, wants and desires. Failing to do that and leaving me a bad reveiw is petty and just makes you look like small. I also will not violate TOS. Please dont leave a bad review because i wont accommodate you just move on to someone else.
If you should happen to want to surprise me feel to gift me on here :)
CALL NOW and take the first step towards taking control of your life, and your finances!

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