Phone Sex

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Everyone's got base instincts. A girl's not to be blamed for giving into hers.

I want to rip you open.

I'm going to tear into you and take everything I want and leave the rest to rot.

I want you naked, and afraid, and begging for me to stop. Begging for me to make it end, to complete your suffering. I want you to know that even if my stomach stretches taut with you I'll only remember you as a meal, while the rest of your existence will be rotting on the floor.

Maybe I'll make you my pet first. Whatever sort of animal you are, you'll live in a cage, with my collar pressed too tight into your throat. Try to escape. I'll have fun chasing you down. Run away blindly from the baying hounds or live peacefully in fear. Expose yourself to me. No, more… no, farther. Rip your chest open until I can see your heart flutter in your chest. Let me catch it in my two soft hands, let me feel the beat.

Dream of my snarl. You'd like me to take you into my mouth, but there's only one way that ends.

Die pretty.

vore // anthro // giantess // pet play // torture