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My FD involves keeping that weak ass connected!

I want to empty that wallet by keeping my weak, inferior, flawed, naughty, useless piece of property connected to my line for as long as I demand. My boi will be broken and forced to comply or take the coward route tucking its pathetic tail and running. Either way boi will remember My Superior touch. I will manipulate your time and exploit your interest in me by making you communicate kinky confessions which may lead to boi sexually edging or may involve boi spewing profusely for its Owner. I will make boi talk about itself in an attempts to convince me that it can earn a place in my stable. Mistress does this as it is bois obligation to financially serve me. I get off by condemning boi to Financial Servitude and this is my brand of Financial Domination for now. Capturing boi and forcing it to stay connected to my line until it can not bare it anymore...meaning I have drained that BITCH dry...soaked every cent you have available today/tonight. It is my right and I take it quite seriously. So cum to me..witness my violating that wallet but entracing you/enslaving you at the same dam time. You want to go cause its costing you..BUT Mistress is so dam enticing, Superior touch so dam delicious that boi cant help itself. It must stay and get that wallet emptied(very loud Mistress' giggles)

Cucks, pathetic fucks, jack off bois, verbal humiliation tois,sissies-ESPECIALLY human ATMs and everything in between. Mistress desires to keep you chained to my line.

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"Let's have an absolute delicious session my devoted pet!"
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