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Mistress Ebonie

Get prepared 4 Mistress!-read to find out how boi

"Get prepared for Mistress....Get prepared for Mistress! "

Mistress is the real deal and nothing pleases Mistress more than an obedient, subservient, brainwashed, obsessed and exploited piece of property. Mistress shall provide the tools to help boi get there. My boi knows it needs this and must comply, must get prepared for Mistress so this can be a very fruitful and beneficial relationship for Her. From moment one boi will be taught to embrace that this is all about Mistress: what I want, what I need, what boi will so easily give. A good piece of property understands this. So get prepared for Mistress. Below I tell boi how.

"I will own that dinky dicklet, weak mind and that plump wallet"(stern grin)

Mistress believes in providing tools,necessary tools to pull boi further into Her world, to have boi constantly thinking of Her and craving all that She does: pics, audio recordings, affirmations, slave applications, etc., To get prepared for Mistress, boi must purchase these and stay in consistent contact with Mistress to further explore the idea of truly being owned by a Superior Black Woman! One can say I am definitely holding auditions for the dam near "perfect" bitchboi, forever piece of devoted property and obedient slavemeat. All are welcome from pathetic cucks to desperate fucks, from chronic masturbators to diaper bois, from sissy fags to whipping tois. I am open to all so long as you embrace this one true fact and reality: I RUN THIS SHIT AND YOU WILL DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE TOLD!! Before boi reaches out to Mistress, purchase one of the tools listed below. If boi strongly desires to hear My voice first, that is fine, but boi will still be ordered to purchase one of the conditioning tools and or necessary paperwork listed below. My boi must be prepared for Mistress and ready to take this journey down the most delicious rabbit hole.

"Grow mindless BITCH! Adore ME, Suffer for ME, give, give, give

Look at the goodie bags below boi. Take advantage of them. Yes they will help with the training Mistress has planned for that weak, submissive ass. Preparation is key. Now be a good little boi. Call Mistress right away and watch the "real shit" begin.

Call Button
As if you have a appreciation boi, tribute your beautiful and Powerful Ebony Owner. It's the right thing to do! Click any or ALL of the buttons below...obey, cave, bend(loud, deliciously wicked laughter).

Goodie Bags
What's in the goodie bag? Hint: boi is My BITCH! and moans real good(sly grin). - cost to boi=$15

Slave Application, show Mistress boi has what it takes! - cost to boi=$10