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Mistress Ebonie

2 min cum line, loser. Need more time? Add more $$


Maybe it does take you more than 2 minutes to cum. But this line is specifically for my lil dicked whitebois. Those who I will force to shoot that pathetic cum load in 2 MINUTES OR LESS! Trust - the way I handle that inferior cock is worth every single penny.

Gonna take you more than 2 minutes to release that milky inferior load? Soooo, I don't give a fuck you pathetic cuck! Just add more time. Mistress loves making lil white bitchbois shell out more cash for all the Superior eroticism available in my Ebony Realm.

It's simple boi. I am stern, cruel, highly sensual, kinky and get off on keeping you neatly tucked in your self-realized "lowly inferior" status. I work hard to awaken that submissive core and allow you to live in the truth/reality I have sculpted and designed for you. As such, naturally I feel I deserve every penny I demand and boi will feel it too!

What gives me the right to subject boi to my expensive rates? FUCK OFF! There is no questioning me. I have all the rights and that weak ass has none. But since the "disrespectful" query is on the table. For disbelievers, I will address it. My natural Superiority, my absolute hypnotic skill and genuine Black Dominance. That's the only answer boi will ever need. I know how to make boi instinctively beg for a good taste. What I offer, the way I fuck that inferior mind and make boi soak those male panties is far more valuable than the value boi attaches to its meager dollars and dimes. Give it up to ME. Learn that you boi are completely useless without me. Again, I know at first boi will find it hard to afford me. However boi is curious and senses this is just to good to pass up. Therefore boi WILL FIND ways to scrape up that cash just to get a minute or 2 or 5 with me(stern grin). Just to witness the tingly, cold sensation of my stiff nails grabbing/cupping those low hanging inferior balls. Get busy boi. Experience Mistress Ebonie today!

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