Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Hold on a sec while I get my glasses on, I'm gonna have to write this down because you're making no sense right now...

Look, I get it. You're rather addicted to your trannydyke transformatrix and you've gotta get more.

You need to be near me...

You need to tell me about allllllll the depraved shit you want me to do to you.

You're desperate for that little... dribble of praise.

... But I have other shit to do, and frankly, you're kinda fucking irritating. I'm out, having a life, and you're... incredibly not.

I suppose it's my weakness that I almost find that entertaining.

If you're really nice though, I'll let you call, and mumble desperately in my ear, while I'm out eating, talking with friends, watching a movie with my girlfriend, or otherwise living my life.

Here are the rules: I pretend I'm taking a business call...

while you do your pathetic business.

I act nice and professional while you be the prettiest little pervert you can be on the phone for me.

And if you're very good. I'll let you do it again.

If you disappoint me... well, let's just say it is NOT good to disappoint me.