Phone Sex

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If your a rich know your not fucking worthy of such wealth, so there is only one thing to do...give your money to me. I don't load my page up with flashy graphics and pics pretending I am a boss like many other posers, I don't have time for nonsense like that. I'm too busy spending other people's money...and soon I'll be spending yours as you serve me!!!!
We will break down ALL of your spending habits, determine the best way for you to serve my will and I will be in complete control over you. I will assign you tasks, what to wear each day, I will tell you when to eat, when you sleep, and when to wipe yor ass. I am not cheap and there is a reason why. I am a true MASTER at this. I'm not here for the pretender fags and want to pretend they are rich...I am 100 % serious about owning you, and if your loaded with fag cash and serious about being controlled and dominated....then my rate shouldn't mean shit to you, because your loaded with money. You should be able to wipe your ass with the rate I charge.
You will be in constant communication with me, you will be given tasks daily that you must fulfill to serve me. I want to know where every penny is going, everyday.
Our first conversation on the phone will be your application process. I will want your name, how much you make, every single bill, expense etc...and we will determine how much of (if any) of that extra cash you deserve. You will consult with me before spending ANY of that extra money. I am here 24/7 365 to take care of and own that money. Nobody will control your mind and soul like I will.
If you don't obey, I will take you to my torture chamber where the beatings will commence until you beg for forgiveness and weep before me.
I am not only your God, I am your financial MASTER. I will even send you pictures of the lavish things I am able to buy myself with YOUR MONEY.
You little Pay Pigs are my fucking playground and I will FEAST upon you all. My time is money, I am VERY BUSY person. Before I will accept your call, you will have to message me to set up an appointment to begin the application process. It's funny how some people want to leave a bad review because they weren't willing to listen to instructions and obey their fucking Master. If you aren't a slave....don't waste my fucking time. I dominate slaves and fags who truly want to be drained, not fucking pretenders who wish they were true slaves and had the fucking bank account to back it the fuck up. You know who you are.