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Sexy TG Switch Loves to Play

I am an inventive, sexual, curious, playful trans woman who enjoys both sides of the D/S spectrum. I tend towards being submissive more often, but I still enjoy bending men both arrogant and pathetic over a couch and breaking them in. Whether you want to press me up against the closest wall, lift my skirt and roughly force the issue, or if you want to be coerced or pressed into a walk on the wild side "against your will," you've come to the right person.

I've got a lot of experience with everything you can think of kink wise. I'll list a few below, but be aware that if you don't see your favorite activity, I've probably tried it, want to, or both.

Hypnosis--I've been doing hypnosis for years now. My girlfriend and I have a lot of hypnotic triggers we like to use on each other. If you've never done hypnosis before, I really recommend it! It's hot, it's fun, and it has the added benefit of being good for stress. Want your mind melted by a hot tranny hypnotist who wants to turn you into her sycophant, servant and slave? That sounds hot, let's do it!

Sissy fantasies--I like these a lot, on both ends. I love the idea of taking away your masculinity, of forcing you into the position of serving me. As I mentioned, though, I'm a little more into being submissive if I'm forced to pick, and sissification fantasies were the first sign I had I was trans. I love it when men force me into being a woman for their pleasure, make me dress in the clothes they want and put me in a position where I can't resist them.

Non-consent play--If your thing is having a gorgeous trans woman force you into depravity with physical might rather than psychological or hypnotic manipulation, you might want to know that I'm the daughter of a Marine who's trained in martial arts. I can put you in a wrist hold easily. You'd be amazed how much I can make you do when you're in pain. ;)

I've done most of the things you can imagine, and probably a few you can't. If you just can't seem to find the person you can connect with, if you feel like your kink is just too far out isn't. Not for me.

Call me. Let's explore our desires together...