Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

You aren't worth my time or attention. I've got a busy life.

But you want the honor and the privilege of being my slave? You to serve me?

You can start by paying for the luxury of my time. I'll allow you to hear my day to day life while I ignore you completely. You can hear me reading, writing, sleeping... maybe if you're very lucky you'll hear me moan while I pleasure myself, or when I'm fucking my lover.

You can babble your perverted fantasies into my my ear, but know that I won't be paying attention. I will ignore you because your existence isn't important to me.

I'll put this line on when I feel like it, and I'll charge what I feel like. Sometimes that will be $1.99/min, other times it will be $50/min. It varies according to my whims and desires, what's convenient and desirable to me, not you worthless losers.

In the fall, I may consider taking on subs and slaves. If you want me to consider wasting my time with you, then send a worthy (monetary) tribue with an email begging for my attention, explaining the value of your service and the type and degree of discipline you can take.