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naughty lele

Are You Ready for a Feminization Princess?

There's nothing like slipping into something frilly and feminine. And who could blame you for wanting to indulge? The sensation of hosiery on freshly shaved legs, pedicured toes in a sexy sandal, the bounce of beautiful hair and lacy's addictive. What if you're ready to take a new step?
Crossdressing is exciting, and maybe you've been doing it for years. But what if you actually want to BE a woman? I'd die if I were a boy! A drab world of blue and black slacks and button down shirts. Nothing soft and sexy. Nothing silky underneath. It's no surprise you're here. But you want more than to throw on some woman's clothing. You want to BE your fantasy. You want to embody femininity. You want to look and feel like a woman. A Goddess.

I had a friend like you once. I loved to dress him up. And there was no half stepping when it came to it. He was like my own life sized Barbie. I took him shopping for lingerie, clothes and shoes. I did his hair and makeup and had his nails and toes done. He could be a little sensitive at times, though. I guess I was his own worst critic. But if he's going to be hanging out with me at malls and clubs and on double dates, he needs to be up to a certain standard. He was fun while he lasted, but he drew the proverbial line in the sand when I made an appointment for a chest and Brazilian bikini waxing. Beauty is pain! I told him. Goodbye. He told me.

So, here I am. Looking for another living Barbie. Is it you? Trust me. I can turn brutish boys into beautiful, glamorous ladies. So if you really want it you should really call me. I'll guide you. We can go online, through catalogs, even call me from the mall. We can cover every detail from panties to pedicures until you feel complete. Completely feminine.