Phone Sex

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I don't care who you are.

Or how much you make.

Your job title.

Your company.

You mean nothing to me.

I am Dama Wolf. A true lady and mistress who needs your cash and will command you to give it up to me.

I command to be spoiled, financially nourished, adorned, and worshipped in every way with every dollar left in your bank account.

Every time you so much as visit this page, you better pay up.

I have a Masters in Finance, specializing in Financial Engineering. In case you are having difficulty understanding what that entails, let me make it simple for you. I am far more intelligent than you will ever be and you should be taxed for your stupidity as I am always awaiting collection just like the IRS. If a single pay period goes by and you do not submit taxes to your mistress, expect a hefty penalty fee with interest for every minute that goes by for your lack of financial responsibility.

You may believe you have power in your day to day life. With all those poor people that have to suffer breathing the same filthy air as you on a daily basis. However, when you are on my time, you are worthless. Nothing. A pig rotting in it's own shit. I call the shots. If you don't do as I say, when I say it. Expect a penalty.

You will never be graced with the air I breathe, the scent of my hair, the touch of my skin, the sheer luminescence of my being. You are nothing but a gross piglet, shriveling around in your shit pile of money, filth, and sadness.

If any of this is unclear since you are probably used to paying people to think for you, then I suggest you get to it before you call and waste my precious time.