Phone Sex

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Get ignored by this bisexual Cuckoldress

Hello, you pathetic horny little sluts

Do you have any plans for the day?

No, don’t tell me.

I bet I can guess.

Let me see–no, you don’t, do you?
Of course you don’t.

Someone like you couldn’t possibly have plans that include a woman.

It almost goes without saying.

What female could possibly be interested in spending any time with your loser ass?
But don’t despair.

Your Goddess and Mistress will allow you to spend the day with her!

How nice of Me!
Please notice that I said you can spend the day with Me, not that I’ll be spending the day with you.

Keep that in mind.

It’s an awfully important distinction.

See, if no other woman wants to spend the day with you, why should I?

I of all people am above you in every way.

You eat, dream, and speak Me, Your obsessed but too much of a whimp to really talk to Me even though you would love to serve Me.

My solution?
You can call My ignore line!

I'll say hi loser then I’ll go back to doing whatever I want to do, and you can content yourself with the knowledge that you are pleasing a woman in some small way–by shutting the hell up and giving her all your money. *Laughs*

Oh, yes, it is just another day around here, full of financial domination phone sex (for you) and kinky bisexual sex for Me.

Don’t you like the sound of that? I know I certainly do.

**I will NOT speak to you, it's an ignore line!!**

Call me, you little slut, and remember I have a 10 minute minimum for this line.

Disobey and I WILL BLOCK you.