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Jessica in Lingerie

Twisted therapy for your panty obsession

You're run by it.

Your obsession with panties. You pretend it's harmless but you buy panties from 20 year old girls you met on Craigslist. Hand them your money with your hands trembling. Receive the precious package, your heart beating. Wondering what the crotch smells like. Face burning with guilt and shame. What if your wife knew? What if she found out you cruise the pantyboy ads? What if she knew you dream of taking a hot throbbing veiny slab of man meat in your mouth? You're driven by your obsessions. You push the thoughts out of your mind. Then you act out. You linger too long passing the lingerie store, eyeing a pretty young woman choosing between the lace and the satin panties, or holding up a pretty lace brassiere. She turns and sees you. You pathetic pervert.

Or you cruise the adult book store on the way home from work. Go in the booth, leave the door open, and suck a man's cock while you wear your panties.

You need therapy. You need help. You need to go deep into your lingerie obsessions. You need to re-live the experiences that imprinted you to panties and lingerie. You need to re-experience that primal moment, the thrill and confusion as if it's happening again.

Perhaps you need stern chastisement for your shame. Or perhaps you need a vivid roleplay to achieve a powerful, satisfying release of all that pent up panty lust. I am the judge of what you need. I know you better than you know yourself. Call me now and begin your treatment.

New! Want me to watch you on cam? Just ask. But be warned, I'll probably end up laughing at your pathetic little dicklet.