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Yes, I do. I need to explore some new territory and you cam help!

I am a newbie on the anal sex scene.I have not had many lovers yet but have enjoyed the experiences I have encountered. However, one experience that I have not yet had much practice is anal.
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The guys that have attempted to take my anal cherry, never even made it half way until....Yowwwwwl!
I had to make them stop but they were understanding. The realized I was too young to be a little looser than their older partners. They said I had a really fine ass that should be treated delicately. But I don't want to be treated that delicate. I would love to at least try it all the way. I've been told that after I get used to it, it will feel good. I mean, it has to or why do gay guys find it so irresistible? I just want to get to that point so I know that feeling, almost the way my pussy feel with a dick inside.
I just need to grin and bare it until I get used to it because I felt the same way when I had a guys dick go all the way into my vagina the very first time. It hurt so bad because I was soooo tight (still am). My first took it slow and used gobs and gobs of lube. Thank God, he wasn't that big!,
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After the first couple of times, I started to tolerate it, then I started to like it, then I started to really LOVE it! Especially, with a wet and relaxed super juiced pussy when he played with it or licked it and made me cum a couple of times before he stuck it in....OMG! don't get me started. Just thinking about it makes me start. I can feel my crotchy start to moisten... Anywho, I want to experience double pleasure and get to that point. My firstie never even tried having anal with his dick, maybe because he knew how virgin like my whole body was and he DID stick his fingers in, no one finger, and may have realized that that was not one bridge he wanted to cross at this point. But, he did make me feel soooo superb and awesomely wonderful when he DP'd me with his fingers. Fingers in my pussy were hot enough, but when he had one in my bootie hole at the same time, OMG...Ecstasy is all I can describe..(Here goes more juices. I need to stop thinking about this...ha! ha!)
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The next guy that wanted to enter my back door was even smaller in the size of his dick, but he used no lube! After I screamed, he stopped. Then, the next back door lover actually did have lube but he was way too thick and large and only got in 1/4...

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So, I just decided to stop worrying about it and wait for the right time.
Should I practice on myself with a toy? I much rather have a real penis than a dildo with a tube of lube. I would rather be talked my way through the experience, like over the think?
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would you like to be a part in this? In having me practice so I can stretch me out a bit?? By all means, call me. In the meantime, I have my OWN lubey so if my next lover wants to try to do me where the sun don't shine, I will be prepared! As long as he's not that big.