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Reagans Awake

Genuine Gamer Geek Girl. Do you like Star Trek?

Yes, I play MTG (probably better than you), and lots of other games. Yes, I love Star Trek (and Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly), and lots of other sci-fi franchises. Yes, I read John Scalzi, and Jim Butcher, and Robert Jordon, and Terry Goodkind. And I am a mean hand at Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock. I particularly like "Paper discredits Spock".

I play Minecraft on Peaceful because I love to build, but I don't like to fight. I allowed my Lvl 7 Bard to be swallowed whole by an Emkrah so my party could win an important battle and FINALLY finish the module. I play World of Warcraft on the side of the Good Guys...FOR THE HORDE! No Fake Geek Girl here. I am the real deal. If there is a Jonathan Coulton show nearby, I will most certainly be there.

If you are a gamer-math-fantasy-scifi-computer-science geek, and would like to talk to a very real and down to earth woman who genuinely understands you, then look no further.

I'm a passionate, intense, intelligent, worldly, and creative woman of a "certain age". I tend to celebrate my passions extremely--I drink too much coffee, I read too many books, I buy too many shoes, and my knitting yarn stash is worth more than my car. If something is worth exploring at all, I prefer to explore it deeply. How about you?

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