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Reagans Awake

Genuine Gamer Geek Girl. Do you like Star Trek?

Yes, I play MTG (probably better than you), and lots of other games. Yes, I love Star Trek (and Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly), and lots of other sci-fi franchises. Yes, I read John Scalzi, and Jim Butcher, and Robert Jordon, and Terry Goodkind. And I am a mean hand at Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock. I particularly like "Paper discredits Spock".

I play Minecraft on Peaceful because I love to build, but I don't like to fight. I allowed my Lvl 7 Bard to be swallowed whole by an Emkrah so my party could win an important battle and FINALLY finish the module. I play World of Warcraft on the side of the Good Guys...FOR THE HORDE! No Fake Geek Girl here. I am the real deal. If there is a Jonathan Coulton show nearby, I will most certainly be there.

If you are a gamer-math-fantasy-scifi-computer-science geek, and would like to talk to a very real and down to earth woman who genuinely understands you, then look no further.

I'm a passionate, intense, intelligent, worldly, and creative woman of a "certain age". I tend to celebrate my passions extremely--I drink too much coffee, I read too many books, I buy too many shoes, and my knitting yarn stash is worth more than my car. If something is worth exploring at all, I prefer to explore it deeply. How about you?

Want to talk and I'm not taking calls? Tweet me!

In addition to my work as a telephone companion, I'm also a professional audiobook narrator. For a suitable tribute, I can write a special fantasy based on all the things you like the most, and then record it as an audio file that you can listen to over and over whenever the "mood" strikes you. Download my Custom Fantasy Worksheet to get started. It doesn't cost a thing to get the worksheet, and no payment is expected until you send back the worksheet to commission your custom recording.