Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


When you gotta know NOW if she'll fuck you 2NIGHT!

Sometimes you just have to know...


I am a VERY difficult woman to catch. (In any sense of the word. Though what I mean here is to get me on the phone).

I will have this listing on 24/7. Well, not really. I’ll have it on EXCEPT when I’m sleeping, or playing with a lover, or bathing, or…

My regular clients know to make me a favorite on Niteflirt and watch carefully for when I’m available. But even then, sometimes they need advice and psychic counsel outside my usual (that is, not at all usual or regular) working hours.

So they call this emergency line for an up-to-date, accurate sexual psychic reading, when they need me.

As can you.

Call (almost) anytime. For example, call me when:

  • You have a date tonight. Should you stop for condoms?
  • You can NOT get that one-night-stand hottie out of your mind. What would happen if you called her right now?
  • You haven't seen her for 10 years but for some reason you're fantasizing about her. Is she thinking of you?

Reach Sallie after hours:
When I am running errands, visiting a friend, napping, driving or otherwise out and about, I will still try to answer your call if this listing is on.

If you have to talk, I will figure out a way -- but understand that it will mean taking a few extra minutes to get well situated (i.e. pulled safely off the road, in a quiet spot, or woke up!) and you have to wait on the phone for me while I do it.

It is possible that I might miss the call; you go in to this acknowledging that possibility with patience and understanding.To make your sexual psychic reading worth my inconvenience, I am pricing this high.

It's worth it, when you can't wait to ask me questions like:
  • What would she do if she knew I liked being cuckolded?
  • Am I a good enough lover?
  • Does she really like being spanked, or does she just do it for me?
  • What would happen if I came out to my family -- are they ready to hear that I'm gay?
  • What, if anything, can I do to make my lover accept my cross-dressing?

I'm Sallie,
the Sexual Psychic.

I'm clairvoyant and clairsentient.
A meditation teacher and an energy worker.
I feel people's energy and emotions in my own body --
even long distance.

CALL NOW. I can answer your questions!

As the SexualPsychic I give psychic readings about sex, desire and all topics.
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