Phone Sex

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Silent, yielding, make me hear it...*NEW*

Imagine sitting on a bus and exposing yourself to the woman across the way, imagine pushing up against the hot chick in yoga pants in the store, imagine calling a girl you don't know just so you can jerk off in her ear while she listens in shock..

It's so fucked up, and I feel so bad, but I want to be the woman in that situation. Always have. Recently a coworker of mine made me listen to a message some guy she met once months ago left on her phone- he was drunk, jerking off, I could hear him stroking. She was laughing and disgusted, but I was just..jealous, for some reason. Not of her attention-lots of guys on campus think I'm hot...

I just have this fucked up thing about listening to strangers jerk off, and guys who jerk off in public.

I know it's bad because the guys shouldn't do that, and don't get me wrong, I don't like it if the guy is only doing it if he thinks the girl is his 'victim'. To me, it's not about rape. It's..about willingly allowing it to happen.

I always kind of wished I'd get molested in crowds, or at work, or have a guy call me and.. you get the idea. I used to think about leaving my number for guys to find so they'd do it, but I know that's unsafe. Luckily I can use this site.

If you call this line, I probably will be too shy to say anything more than hello. I will probably be in class, too, or in public. You can ask me where I am but I can't say a lot more than that. Please, please fulfill my fantasy. Stroke in my ear, or tell me of the things you've done that you shouldn't have...Make me horny in public, please! If you want, you can buy MP3s of me talking about some of the weird things that turn me on...

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