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Homewrecking, Wallet Draining, Cuckoldress

Do you think you are a cuckold? You might be if:

~That little pecker of yours aches with thoughts of your beautiful wife or mistress being on the pleasurable end of a real man. Let’s face it, that pindick is entirely to small to please anyone sexually and you know that your lover deserves so much more than you can give her.

~You find yourself looking for better suited mates for that special person in your life and you go as far as to plan and prep her for the date.

~Nothing excites you more than seeing your lover enjoy themselves, without you…especially when it’s with another man.

~ You become aroused thinking of your wife’s sexual exploits

~Your place in your relationship is to just be the provider. Giving her what she needs, being her wallet, her source of income– but then having to look on as she lets another man ~ pound that pussy ~

~You become entranced by me, your feelings are so strong that you succumb to my will. You become my submissive and then yes, you will become a cuckold.
I am the cuckold goddess that you seek.

Becoming a cuckold is a bit of an evolving journey.

One that starts with the power of suggestion, followed by curiosity and includes pure devotion. Devotion to me. I think it’s interesting, especially when I’ve hooked a married man. I pull him away from his wife, I become the center of his world , I become the one that he spoils, and I become the one he things of during his most intimate moments – I am everything to him and yet…he doesn’t quite fulfill all of my needs. I  have a sexual thirst that is rarely quenched for long. And yet, with my mind games and the tangled love web I weave, he will continue to submit and succumb to all of my demands…from engaging in cuckold activities to being the one that simply financially supports the activities leading up to it.

The Erotic Seductress that you Seek

The art of seduction is an incredibly cerebral process. It shakes you to your very core and creates a desire that begins to fester and ignite within an insane amount of passion.

It burns deep within and there is zero opportunity for you to escape.  You peek, you look, you may try to escape and push it out of your mind but your efforts are futile. I’ve already begun weaving my web of desire and passion – your curiosity is beginning to peak and before long, you KNOW that you’ll be yearning for just a taste…and that’s where the REAL fun begins.

You are the type of boy that will beg to become wrapped around my perfect pedicured finger. You’re world; mind and cock will be rocked when you become seduced by me. Whether single, or married, or in a committed relationship – it doesn’t matter.

You will become mine , I will become the focus of your kinky endeavors.

Not only will you become my perfect little submissive pet for me to play with…you will soon fall even deeper and become my cuckold pet.

While cuckold calls and financial domination calls are my favorite, I also enjoy: * Small Penis Humiliation * Forced Intox * Cock Control * Cock and Ball Torture * Forced Slavery * Forced Feminization * Forced Cock Sucking / Bi * Humiliation * Hypnosis * Public Humiliation