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Cerebral Sexploitation***Esoteric Erotica***Debauched Desires***Educated Obscenity

Bella Beloved

I have a Masters in Mind Manipulation
And a Doctorate in Deviance

I’ve been studying you. Well, not you, exactly, but men. Men like you. Men who have certain…fetishes that they can’t control. Certain thoughts that control their cocks. Ideas that get you more excited than anything else.
I love that men like you are so secretive about your fantasies; so private about your needs. That leaves the door open for me, an educated puppet-master, to waltz in the door, and psychologically torture you. My favorite part? That you learn to love it just as much as I do!

I do realize that the scariest part is just beginning. Picking up the phone, calling me, and confessing your dirty, depraved, disgusting secrets. It’s true, I may laugh. Yes, I might be laughing at you, or just at the situation. It really depends on my mood that day and how you present yourself. I may take you in hand, and help to lead you...
Of course, *where* I lead you is also dependent on my mood and also on your approach. If you sincerely want to get over your addiction, I may attempt to deprogram you…but that does not always work. Other times I may try to take you in even deeper and further into your enslavement for my own amusement and profit. After all, I love toying with weak-willed men. I like pushing them to see just how far I can take it.

Yes, I know that excites you, and I’m glad. I will exploit every weakness you have. I will tease you, torment you, and torture you with my voice, my body, and especially my intellect. You will become one of my “pet” projects, and you will learn my will and my way. Whether you need to be weaned from your dirty disgusting obsessions, or you need to be taught some new ones, you will find what you need when you converse with me.
Of course, you need to do your part. You need to call me. NOW.

Some of my favorite subjects (but not limited to)
Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)
Sissy Slut Training
Cock Sucking 101
Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM)
OTK Spanking
Body Worship
Boot Worship
Foot Worship
And many other unseemly subjects
you men seem to be so fascinated by!

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