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Call or Text: Sissification At Its Most Extreme


Come talk with Me about your future, you know you want to learn how to be My prettiest, cock sucking sissy bitch. The question is how to get from the ugly nasty boy you are to the gorgeous slutty girl you could be?

That is where I help, while you will never be as amazing and gorgeous as I am, but you can certainly learn from the best.

Learn from this Goddess how to fulfill your calling.

Call by call I will strip away your manhood, replacing it with girlishness and girly habits.


Soon you will be the panty wearing, cock sucking, glittery whore we both know you are inside.

We'll start slow, but make no mistakes, by the time we're done you'll be a dick chugging, sperm swallowing, ass fucked sissy who begs to be used and abused by Real Men.

Do you want to take this journey with me?

We both know you do... Good girl, you've taken your first step on the path to true sissy bliss.

Get naked. Aww! Look at that! Isn't it cute?

The first thing you need to do is look down at that worthless bit of meat hanging between your legs and remember: it's not a dick.

Dick's are big, luscious objects of desire that women crave to have thrust inside them.

What you have could never pleasure a woman.

What you have is just a little clitty, and from now on that's how you must think of it.

Start stroking your clitty, for me. Keep stroking throughout this teaser, but don't cum until I tell you.

Next is this month's shopping list.

You need to purchase some items this month.

I don't really care how you do this; brave sissies can go to the store and declare proudly why they're there, while the shy little pansies can order things off line.

A happy medium would be to go to a store with a self checkout option.

You're going to buy panties.

Even if you already have some, you're getting new ones.

At least one pair for every day of the week.

The styles and colors are up to you, but you must get: -At least 2 thongs -At least 1 bikini cut -At least 1 pair of boy shorts -At least 2 pink pairs -At least 1 black pair -At least 1 white pair.

You can mix and match to your heart's desire; black thong, pink boyshorts, white bikini..

whatever makes you feel sissy and sexy.

You will also need a razor, some shaving cream, lotion, and a pink Sharpie. Ah, panties... Panties really are a treat to a sissy slut like you, aren't they?

Is there any other article of clothing that is so soft, so sexy, so girly?

Panties can say so many things about a girl.

We're going to start slowly. The first week, I want you to stroke your cute little clitty until you make cummies once a day.

You can watch whatever you want while you do it, and for right now you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your jizz after you shoot it; eat it, clean it up with a rag, shoot it into a tube sock, I leave the decision to you. Enjoy that freedom, you won't have it for long...

Pretty easy so far, right? What's the catch?

Well, you're only allowed to stroke your little clitty while wearing your new, sexy panties.

A different pair every day. If you get them dirty, make sure you wash them.

After you've made your little mess for the day, take them off, put them away, and put those ugly boy underwear back on…

I hope you like the feel of your new panties.

Do they make you feel sexy, slut? I'm sure they do.

For week two, I want you to continue to stroke once a day while wearing panties, but this time, every other day you're to watch a shemale video.

It can be her with a real girl, another shemale, or a guy, that choice is yours this week, but every other day you're to spew your sperm watching a shemale.

You also need to start wearing your panties to bed.

This might be hard for some of you girls, and you'll want to rub your clitty while you're in bed, but resist that urge. You need to get used to the feeling of your panties, you're gonna be wearing them a lot here soon.

And since you're going to be wearing your sexy little panties so much more now, it's time to make them feel a lot better.

Run a bath with water as hot as you can stand. Slip into it and soak for a few minutes, then take a wash cloth and vigorously scrub the areas around your clitty and your sissy ass.

Your pubic area, your taint, your cheeks, your crack, all of it. Scrub as hard as you can.

When your skin is pink, drain the water from the tub, turn on your shower and grab your shaving cream and razor. Shave your ass, your crack, your taint, your balls, your clitty, and your pubes.

If you'd like, keep a little heart or landing strip, or go full smooth like the slut you are.

When you're nice and smooth, get out of the shower, pat yourself dry with a soft towel, and apply lotion to the areas you shaved to keep them soft and keep you from getting razor burn.

Do this every other day to keep yourself sissy smooth and sexy...

To further your training call Me now.

What are you waiting for? It is who you are inside.

Oh and if you think that is awesome buy My SHEMALE contract.

That is if you can handle the most intense sissy contract you've ever seen!