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Plastic Princess

YOU are paying for my next plastic surgery, bitch!

I'm a 21-year-old plastic, superficial, spoiled, real life barbie doll living the dream and partying my ass off in Las Vegas. Only this barbie doesn't have any small parts--anymore! I've had my breasts enhanced to a double D (which I'm sure you were already drooling over in the pictures)!

I am addicted to plastic surgery and so far, I've had 4 procedures. And guess what, they've all been paid for by drooling, horny idiots just like you!

I'm not done either, I want more work done. Work that costs thousands and thousands of dollars that YOU will be providing! I will be sure to tease you with tons of before and after pictures along the way!

I love shopping, traveling, lounging by the pool, partying with my friends, fucking my boyfriend, tanning, and of course planning all my new procedures.

My boyfriend is super hot and you could never, EVER compare to him. His 8'' member fills me up perfectly and I love the feel of his hard, fit body against me. All you're here for is to be an ATM and source of my laughs at how pathetic you are!

I can always spot your types, too. You're the ones that always stare at me in public but would never have the balls to actually address me. I dress in the most revealing way possible because I love how you stare at me and I know you'll be going home and jacking it to me later. It's so funny how desperate you are!