Phone Sex

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♥ Cuckold Eavesdrop: Live Sex With Boyfriend ♥

You're a pathetic little cuckold and you know that you would never stand a chance at having sex with someone as gorgeous, intelligent, and sensual as me. Isn't that right? You know deep down that the closest you will ever get to having sex with a divine being such as myself is by listening to me have it. I may be a bit too generous, but I've decided to allow your sad, pathetic mind the occasional pleasure of listening in on my Alpha Male and I during our most intimate moments -- For a price.

You will not be interacting with either of us during this call. The phone will be answered and set upon the night stand where you can clearly hear our activities, though you will not be acknowledged and we will not hear anything you say. This is an ignore line of the most intimate variety, so be prepared to subject yourself to the role of nothing more than an invisible third-party listener.

Our sessions cap off with pillow talk, which you are welcome to stay for as well. The line will continue being ignored until you, yourself, hang up.