Phone Sex

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Welcome to the moan line ;) 100% REAL!

I am your Princess with a sweet voice & sexy moan.
When you call me, tell me a little about yourself.
I want to be able to imagine you – the man I want shoving his cock deep inside of me until I’m screaming.

I will start playing with my tight, wet pussy.

With the exception of a few words and/or phrases that show you how much I’m enjoying it & how bad I want your cock thrusting in & out of my beautiful holes, I will moan, groan & scream ONLY!
It just feels too good, especially when I can make my pussy cum back to back! My record is 73 times in one hour ;)

Depending on what I am fucking my aching cunt and ass with or what I'm teasing my clit with, you may hear vibrations or sounds of how soaking wet I am as it goes deeper and harder inside of me.

You are more than welcome to tell me all the dirty things you want to be doing to me.
Explain every detail of how you are stroking your hard, throbbing cock and wish it was my warm pussy or ass tightly wrapped around it, to get me going more.
I love hearing you want me.
I love hearing how good it feels to you.

I will not fake because let’s be real – I FUCKING LOVE TO CUM! I love playing with myself. And if I’m able to speak a sentence, IT ISN’T FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH! My mission is for you to hear me cum over and over and over until your perfect cock explodes. You better tell me when you’re cumming so I can have my mouth open & ready to catch it ALL! Hurry baby, I need you!

And make sure you show your appreciation to me ;)