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My domination is more femme fatal spider web than loud butch gas chamber. At least most of the time. If the occasion calls for a more dire tone—then so be it, but I feel that the domination that I acquire over someone is more about accessing my natural gothic side than, say, an angry punk rocker. I prefer constructing a kingdom over your body FOR ME to rule than simply throwing your body to the dogs.

My favorite gothic domination style fantasies are sirens and succubi.

My preferred distance/verbal subjugation activities are:
  • taking in your confessions
  • probing your masochistic side
  • listening to your submissive voice(BONUS-foreign accents)
  • testing your sexual predilections
  • feeling you getting closer and closer to my web *smirks*

My preferred local/physical subjugation activities are:
  • pouring whatever I want on you
  • you taking me to get more sex toys FOR ME
  • you following BEHIND me in public with your head DOWN
  • sampling clothespins and rubber bands on those sensitive areas
  • queening/throning you when *I* feel like it
  • you sucking on whatever I may want to put in your mouth

Looking back on my succubus trade
I begin to reflect on the conquests I've made

The days listening and observing
Gradually turned into days of learning

Though I now prize watching the strong fall
It is far too easy to want them all

Both weak and meek have delightful flavors
All the more contrasting personas for me to savor

The masculine object of my earliest experience
Has mildly faded from my mind and remembrance

Though I do recall a few of those private moments
His body met mine with a certain potence

As it is too often so
I simply could not let him go

Reading my text is fine. Listening to my voice is better. Yielding to my will even better.

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