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Getting what I want from you is so easy...

I don't have to be mean to get what I want, but I certainly can be mean!
We both recognize that you're here because you need a strong woman to dictate your life and finances.
I can do that with a smile and a wink as you watch your savings dwindle, as your addiction to me heightens to levels you never thought possible...
You will become hopelessly devoted, as my pockets become thickly lined with your hard earned greenbacks!...
Because in the end we both know...
Once that money runs out, you're no good to me anymore!
You're here because you need to be used, you need someone as beautiful and as powerful as myself to take everything you've worked so hard for!

When you call me I want you to feel safe, secure, and free to tell me everything and anything.
Our desires, our fantasies, and our minds have no limits, so why should our conversation? I feel that we shouldn't have any limits either.
I know you see this promise, time and time again, but so very few women embody true sexuality, and have a streak for sexually deviant activities such as myself. Alas, I have nothing to prove to you my dear, it is YOU that has EVERYTHING to PROVE to ME!
I refuse to let others judge me for the things that make me wet between my legs and make me orgasm so very hard, so why would you let anyone else's opinion matter but mine? After all you're mine now, so tell me everything and care not about what anyone else thinks, but only care about your Mistress thinks...

I know it can be hard to find that special woman you can connect with.The truth is I'm that woman you've been searching for so look no further!

Call me and you'll see for yourself, that no other woman before me has been able to use you like you need, drain you like you desire, and throw you away just as you're falling in love...

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