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Poz Junking Roojakers

Budget Bud Cold on the Run and Hungry

Some years back I was somebody. Take a good look you might remember me from commercials, and TV bit parts in the 90's. Those were the days I had money, PARTY FAVORS, cunts, and twinks. I was on top of the fucking world. After my 9th RELAPSE I went broke and had no choice, but to survive on the streets. The first time I hustled the john wanted me to suck his dick. All the sex I had before that day I never took a dick in either hole, but I needed that CASH, my back hurt, I had the sweats... I submitted. While I was blowing him he started projecting someone he knew calling me his name forcefully using me until I found myself being fucked up the ass and screaming at 1st for dear life then just MORE MORE MORE!

After years of that and worse I am pozzed up in 3 major categories. This is your chance pervy dude I'm going to wither away to nothing why not enjoy my last good days left. I can infect you as a top or bottom, and I need fucking money so bad I'll do anything you want no matter what! Mr I'm desperate please take advantage. I have been to every dirty place from LA to Vegas nothing can shock me nohow.

Role Play, Stories, or whatever man just pay me I got my CARD dealer on hold!